Stepmom’s Swimsuit Dissolves In The Pool Jada Sparks

Stepmom's Swimsuit Dissolves In The Pool

This little humper A trick bathing suit that dissolves in water is the prank that Jordi has planned for his new stepmother, Jada Sparks, and it is sure to be a hilarious one!


With the intention of making it appear as though it was a present from her husband, he places it on her bed, and when Jada returns home, she falls in love with it without question!

Jordi conceals herself and watches her transform before sneaking down to be with her as she goes to the pool. The moment Jada suddenly discovers that she is completely naked, Jordi leaps out of his seat and laughs at his prank!

Jada exacts her vengeance by first removing his clothes and then sucking his large cock. She does this by forcing his face between her enormous tits. In the pool, Jada gives her new stepson a tit-fuck and then jacks him off on her face. She then bangs her new stepson in the water.