Stretch Them Out Dick Them Down

Stretch Them Out Dick Them Down
September Reign, Madison Morgan and Mick Blue

Stretch Them Out Dick Them Down

Madison Morgan and September Reign are currently engaged in an exceptionally productive yoga session under the guidance of instructor Mick Blue.


The instructor actively engages with the pair experiencing tension, aiming to facilitate their relaxation.

However, it is challenging to remain unaffected by the impressive flexibility demonstrated as they effortlessly bend down and touch their toes.

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September Reign

Nobody expected this honour roll student and former competitive gymnast to venture into the world of smut. Nobody was going to stand in September Reign’s way, from balancing beams to balancing dicks.

“I want to be a tattooed pinup,” September says. Even though she weighs slightly more than 100 pounds, this spinner talks the talk and isn’t afraid to walk the walk.

“I don’t have to worry about big dicks,” she says. “I’ve been there, I’ve done that in my personal life.” Reign enjoys going for walks or working out at the rock climbing gym when she isn’t webcamming or doing porn shoots.

When she’s feeling very crazy, she’ll take her girlfriends white water rafting, followed by some smouldering hot pole-dancing.

So, if you’re looking for stunning goddesses that can do the splits and take a deep dicking eight days a week, look no further than September Reign.

Madison Morgan

If you’ve ever been mesmerised by a flame, wait till you see fiery ginger Madison Morgan twerk her enormous booty.

The fires in her eyes captivate perverts before her enormous, enlarged 32D tits take their breath away. Nothing stokes her fire like paper, whether it’s in the form of massive piles or tombs of knowledge.

Madison is a voracious reader, and while her boobs and butt are large, her brain is gigantic! Madison Morgan is a comprehensive package that can be delivered to your bedroom by checking out the scene called Stretch Them Out Dick Them Down.

She can amaze you with her knowledge before shattering your mind with her banging physique.