Stretching Out August August Skye

Stretching Out August
August Skye, Sheem the Dream

Stretching Out August

When August Sky’s trainer Sheem arrives, the session begins as if it were any other typical one.


August claims that their previous session left her feeling a little too constrained, so Sheem tells her that during this one they will be able to stretch her out a little bit more.

When the temperature rises to dangerous levels, August has to remove her sports bra. As they continue to stretch, August observes that Sheem’s sweatpants are beginning to show signs of bulging.

Miss Skye is very remorseful because she understands that it must be difficult for him to keep from becoming erect with all of the touching and stroking that is going on while her top is off.

Because she is sorry for him and doesn’t want him to acquire blue balls, she offers him an old fashioned so that he may relax and let go of the tension. She starts to feel a little tension in her lower area as she continues to caress his huge cock.

She laughs it off. Sheem gives her the assurance that he is also skilled at releasing tension. The real work out starts as he goes in for a thorough penetration of her pussy.

During Bang Bros Stretching Out August, she empties his balls, which relieves his stress, while he relieves hers by banging her pussy free and fucking all of the stress out of her.

She is excited about the new routine and can’t wait for the next session and the next load. She is on board with the new regimen.