FAKEHub Catfished Stacy Cruz, Charlie Dean

FakeHub Catfished
Stacy Cruz, Charlie Dean

FAKEhub Catfished

Stacy Cruz, a sexy Czech girl, is searching for a gorgeous guy to fuck on a dating app when she comes across the muscular stud “Mitch” (Charlie Dean).


However, when Stacy Cruz shows up at “Mitch’s” place, the stunning brunette is surprised to find that he does not look anything like his profile picture.

In FAKEHub Catfished, Stacy gets down on her knees and gives the bespectacled nerd a messy blowjob in order to swallow the big, thick cock that the nerd possesses. Luckily, it makes up for the fact that the geek has glasses.

After an eager titwank, the tall and slender honey places her shaved pussy on Mitch’s face to get a tongue fucking, and then the hot duo perform some 69ing!

Next, well-hung Mitch puts Stacy in the missionary position and then pushes his massive dick inside her tight snatch. He then gives her a vigorous pounding, which causes her to moan loudly in ecstasy.

After that, Stacy puts her man with the dark hair on her back and rides him like a cowgirl. The passionate couple then has a side fuck on the bed while Mitch plays with Stacy’s large, juicy titties!

During FAKEHub Catfished, after bouncing some more on Mitch’s cock, Stacy yells with joy as he hammers her in the stand and carry position. The cum-hungry nymph gets down on all fours to take a furious pounding from behind doggystyle.

After the all-natural beauty has had many orgasms, Mitch gives her a dripping creampie to make sure her pussy is completely satisfied.

You Lose Lick My Pussy Violet Gems, Tomie Tang

You Lose Lick My Pussy
Violet Gems, Tomie Tang

You Lose Lick My Pussy

Tomie Tang and Violet Gems aren’t beyond using some dishonest techniques to win at their game; but, when Tomie considers increasing the stakes with an enticing wager, the action in the game really begins to heat up.


Tomie, who is a virgin lesbian, is surprised to find that she enjoys the sensation of licking her best friend’s pussy because Violet is the victor.

This is because Tomie is obliged to do so because Violet is the victor.

In the subsequent round, Tomie offers that the winner gets to do anything she wants to the loser.

In You Lose Lick My Pussy, this means that Violet will have unfettered access to her horny best friend’s tits and pussy if she happens to emerge victorious.

The fact that these two players get to lick and trib each other after the game is certainly a success in and of itself for both of them.

Twistys Fluffing Her Folds Serene Siren, Charly Summer

Twistys Fluffing Her Folds
Serene Siren and Charly Summer

Fluffing Her Folds

Hotel maid Charly Summer drops off a load of fluffy towels for demanding blonde guest Serene Siren, but when Serene doesn’t fully close the door, Charly pushes it open to peek in at her getting undressed.


When Serene strips naked and takes a dildo out of her suitcase, Charly has to follow to watch her use it in the bath!

Serene catches the naughty maid watching and rubbing her clit, and tells Charly she’d better clean her pussy with her tongue.

During Twistys Fluffing Her Folds, the babes lick each other and scissor, and Serene explores both the maid’s holes with her mouth before they 69.

Pornstars Appearing in Twistys Fluffing Her Folds

Serene Siren

Hardbodied blonde Serene Siren has retained all of her impressive flexibility from her days as a championship gymnast.

Which is why she started out in the adult industry under a moniker designed to draw attention to her ability to put her legs behind her head called Bella Bends.

But after this sultry stunner took a hiatus, she decided that when she returned to the biz as a hot MILF with a new set of big tits in 2018.

She also wanted a new name that would truly do justice to her personality: calm one minute, and supremely seductive the next.

Serene explains that as a Gemini with a dualistic nature, “I can go and have the most serene day, but by night, I might be a siren!”

Charly Summer

Just barely breaking five feet, little Miss Charly Summer is ultra petite, which may be why she’s extra motivated to show every inch of herself to everyone she can.

Charly is a total exhibitionist who started out posting naked selfies to social media before deciding to start getting paid for it.

She loves filming her naughty public exploits for all her fans, and Charly confesses that she still gets off on sharing provocative pictures on her private accounts as a subtle thirst trap.

“The horny replies I get really turn me on, I love thinking about them when I masturbate.” Give Charly the erotic thrill she’s looking for by watching her getting fucked in Twistys Fluffing Her Folds.

Show Me Your Nudes Bella Blu, Scott Nails

Show Me Your Nudes
Bella Blu, Scott Nails

Show Me Your Nudes

When Scott Nails happens to see his hot, tattooed roommate Bella Blu taking selfies in her latex lingerie.


He can’t help watching, and even steals her phone so he can sneak to his room and enjoy the pictures at his leisure.

When Bella comes back and discovers it’s missing, she’s got a pretty good idea who took it, and catches Scott with her phone in one hand and his dick in the other.

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She tells him to keep going and soon gives him a close-up of her big tits and pussy as she 69s him, then rides his dick.