Big Dick Double Feature Angie Lynx Ada Lapiedra

Big Dick Double Feature
Angie Lynx, Ada Lapiedra and Jordi El Nino Polla

Big Dick Double Feature

Lesbian individuals experiencing sexual desire Ada Lapiedra and Angie Lynx are engaged in a performance within the context of a cinematic production, engaging in passionate physical affection and manual stimulation, resulting in heightened levels of arousal and the presence of bodily fluids.


The individuals in question persist in remaining even after the illumination is restored and the conclusion of the film, as they have yet to conclude their activities.

Usher Jordi El Nino Polla enters the scene and observes Ada engaging in oral stimulation of Angie’s genital region. Angie engages in oral stimulation with the fortunate male individual, while her girlfriend provides her with pleasurable sensations.

Subsequently, Jordi proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with both women as they experience ejaculation over his person.

Finally, Jordi reciprocates the act by ejaculating onto both women’s faces simultaneously.

Pornstars Featured in Reality Kings Big Dick Double Feature

Angie Lynx

Make way for Angie Lynx, the insatiable sex fanatic who is always on the lookout for bigger cocks to sit on and juicy pussies to lick and play with!

The stunning, big-titted blonde is openly bisexual and enjoys flaunting her physical endowments in public, particularly her firm ass and lovely boobs! Angie’s second favourite pleasure is fucking, which she enjoys when she isn’t shopping.

There are no boundaries to what this curvy girl will do in front of the camera – she will gladly take a cock up her tight butthole or have her mouth and gorgeous pussy triple full!

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Ada Lapiedra

Ada Lapiedra, a magnificent model and actress from Spain, is a journalist and writer as well as a beautiful model and actress.

Miss Lapiedra can conjure up dozens of fantasy situations, each hotter than the last, and she’s looking for selfless lovers to bring under her covers.

Watch the lovely Ada in her scene above called Big Dick Double Feature.

BangBros Anal Barter Angie Lynx

BangBros Anal Barter
Angie Lynx and Emilio Ardana

BangBros Anal Barter

Emilio Ardana, who worked at the pool, grabbed the eye of Angie Lynx and her husband when they were enjoying themselves at the pool.


Both Angie and her husband believed he had some sex appeal, but Angie’s husband also thought he could help them save some money on pool cleaning.

Because it was evident that Emilio thought Angie was smoking hot, the pair beckoned him over and made a deal with him to trade goods and services. In exchange for one year of free pool cleaning, he was given permission to fuck Angie.

That made sense, but Emilio was in the process of bargaining right now. He provided free cleaning for a period of six months. The plan that Angie’s husband came up with was superior.

After receiving one year of complimentary pool maintenance, he was able to pass anal. That sounded like a reasonable compromise to me.

The big cock stud, took Angie to the pool area and fucked her while jamming his massive cock into her little ass. He put as much effort into buggering her ass as he could and forced her to sucking it in between.

After he had finished ass-fucking her, he went ahead and entered her mouth.

Meet ‘N’ Fuck Angie Lynx, Jordi El Nino Polla

Meet ‘N’ Fuck
Angie Lynx, Jordi El Nino Polla

Meet 'N' Fuck

Blonde Angie Lynx is horny, but her boyfriend Jordi El Nino Polla has a meeting in just a minute!


In Meet ‘N’ Fuck, Angie does everything she can to entice him, from rubbing his shoulders and chest to sitting in his lap.

Once the meeting starts she rubs one of his pens on her pussy and fucks her ass with it, then crawls under the desk to suck his cock!

His day job is no match for a blowjob, so Jordi signs off so he can fuck her ass doggystyle.

When his boss calls back, Angie will have to be very quiet as she rides his big dick!

Pornstar Featured in Meet ‘N’ Fuck

Angie Lynx

Make way for insatiable sex fanatic Angie Lynx, who is constantly on the prowl for bigger cocks to sit on, and juicer pussies to lick and play with!

The jaw-dropping, big-titted blonde is openly bisexual and gets a thrill from showing off her physical assets in public – especially her firm ass and gorgeous boobs!

When she isn’t enjoying some retail therapy, Angie likes to indulge in her other favourite pastime – her intense passion for fucking!

There are no limitations to what this curvy babe is willing to do in front of the camera – she will happily take a cock up her tight butthole, or have her mouth and pretty pussy doubly stuffed!

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