Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3 La Paisita Oficial

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3
La Paisita Oficial, Xander Corvus, Potro De Bilbao

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3 La Paisita Oficial

Lapaisita is eagerly anticipating another day of intense training, but this time she is adding to her challenges by engaging in her first experience of double penetration with Xander Corvus and Potro.


Witness Lapaisita fearlessly engage with two large dicks while being covered in copious amounts of oil, resulting in numerous intense climaxes, all in the context of her most remarkable training session to yet!

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Butt Lift Part 3

La Paisita Oficial

A surprise in Colombia A great meal, a good book, and making people happy are some of the simple things that La Paisita Oficial loves about life.

Everyone around La Paisita is sure to be grinning ear to ear because of her huge tits and ass, which she loves to show off in public at all times.

You’ll be laughing out loud when you see Paisita throw back her big bubble booty while riding a thick cock.

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1
Sara Retali, Sapphire Astrea, La Paisita Oficial, Xander Corvus

Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1

When Lapaisita Oficial arrives, she is met by Sara Retali, who then shows her around the highly private gym, which has a number of benefits that come with membership.


The best thing about this place is that everybody’s down to fuck! This area is like a dream come true for Lapaisita when she sees a raven-haired babe named Sara Retali getting fucked by another gym member named Xander Corvus.

Soon enough, Sara comes over to join them for a threesome, and Xander gives Sara some of his enormous cock.

Lapaisita makes the executive decision to sit back and observe the goings-on while stroking her scrumptious pussy because it is her first day and she is still a little reserved…

However, she’ll soon have another opportunity to engage in some enjoyable activities.

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1

Sara Retali

Juicy and thick Sara Retali, a Venezuelan, possesses not only enormous tits and a rotund, but also an exceptionally long tongue that enables her to perform beyond description.

Sara, who is a huge fan of dirty talk and foreplay, delights in exploring her companions with her long tongue while they prepare to pound her moist, tight pussy.

Sara is proficient in both her tongue and hips, and she devotes considerable time to dancing. Sara is a voracious user of social media and enjoys travelling when she is not inspiring perverts with her skills and endowments. Observe Sara Retali in the subsequent sequences.

Sapphire Astrea

Like a precious gemstone, it is quite the luxury to acquire the lovely Sapphire Astrea. Hailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this lovely siren will leave you feeling anything but blue!

Friendly, hot, and faithful, this big titty babe loves to hit the strip and shop for the latest fashion, and when she isn’t showing off her delicious curves, she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

The real meal when it comes to Sapphire Astrea is her juicy booty, and you can get a taste of it in the scene called Brazzers Butt Lift Part 1.

La Paisita Oficial

Colombian detonation La Paisita Oficial delights in the basic pleasures of life, including sharing a delightful meal, reading a good book, and making others smile.

La Paisita absolutely adores exposing her enormous buttocks and posterior in public at every opportunity, ensuring that all those in her vicinity are positively giggling with delight.

You will certainly be beaming after observing Paisita toss her enormous bubble booty back while riding a thick cock.