Wifey vs the Backup Broskis Kendra Sunderland

Wifey vs the Backup Broskis
Kendra Sunderland, Scott Nails, Chris Blaccwood and Nick Strokes

Wifey vs. the Backup Broskis

Kendra Sunderland, a dissatisfied spouse, seeks to enhance the level of intimacy in her marital relationship by providing guidance and illustrating instances to her husband, Nick Strokes, on including elements of heightened intensity during their sexual encounters.


Kendra persuades him to engage in mild choking and light spanking, but, these activities cause Nick to lose focus and become distracted.

In order to fulfil the desires of his sexually voracious spouse, Strokes contacts two acquaintances, namely Scott Nails and Chris Blaccwood, who are referred to as backup companions.

These individuals are sought after due to their perceived attributes of size, thickness, and intensity, which are seen vital for the purpose at hand.

The individuals referred to as “broskis” engage in a series of physically intense actions involving Kendra, including rotational movements, oral-anal contact, and the insertion of male genitalia into her mouth and vaginal cavity with a sense of unrestrained enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Nick Strokes assumes the role of an observer, documenting these activities for record-keeping purposes.

Witnessing his spouse being splattered by the ejaculate of an acquaintance, colloquially referred to as a “broski,” along with the inadvertent soiling of important written materials, serves as a catalyst for Nick to assume a more proactive role in satisfying his wife’s desires, namely by providing an increased quantity of seminal fluid.

Pornstar Featured in Wifey vs the Backup Broskis

Kendra Sunderland

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but one look at Kendra Sunderland, dubbed the “Oregon Library Girl,” and you’ll realise she’s one of the most beautiful blondes to ever grace pornographic films.

While attending college and holding a typical 9-to-5 job, “natural Barbie” Kendra realised she wanted more out of life and began performing on webcam.

Kendra was catapulted into a frenzy of lust, admiration, and newfound celebrity after a video of her showing off her flawless 32G tits and tight pussy in her school’s library went viral in 2015.

After a few years, Kendra has become one of the most well-known names in the smut industry. Kendra’s growing light now illuminates the whole landscape of the adult industry, from many AVN awards to being celebrated on a Kanye West-designed shirt.

The greatest part is, you can see all of her radiance, light, and unquestionably enticing sexual energy by watching the scenes below!

Pussy Is My Business Richelle Ryan

Pussy Is My Business
Richelle Ryan and Mick Blue

Pussy Is My Business

Richelle Ryan is dissatisfied with the fact that her sexual life with her spouse has become predictable and routine.


Richelle develops a fancy to Mick Blue and views this as an opportunity to obtain the attention that her husband does not provide her and takes advantage of the situation when he invites his business associates around.

In Brazzers Pussy Is My Business, Richelle immediately starts to work on hammering out a deal for her juicy pussy.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Pussy Is My Business

Richelle Ryan

Individuals who possess a high level of sexual attractiveness and desirability. Richelle Ryan possesses a comprehensive set of physical attributes, including ample and well-rounded breasts, shapely hips, and an undeniable raw sensuality that is consistently evident in each of her performances.

Richelle demonstrates a strong entrepreneurial spirit, leveraging her exceptional proficiency in the art of exotic dance to finance her acquisition of aesthetic enhancements, ultimately paving her path to Los Angeles with aspirations of establishing a career in the adult film industry.

It should not be assumed that her proficiency on the pole has diminished merely due to her transition into the film industry. It is worth noting that Richelle was bestowed with the prestigious title of Exotic Dancer National Championship Masters Award winner for the year 2012.

The individual in question possesses a bisexual orientation and exhibits a strong and unquenchable need for sexual encounters. They have a preference for engaging in sexual activities with both males and females, both within and beyond the realm of recorded media.

The individual’s well-proportioned physique is widely acknowledged for its attractiveness, to the extent that she has achieved recognition in popular culture, making appearances on television programmes such as MTV’s Rob and Big, as well as in commercially successful comedic films produced in Hollywood.

The aforementioned ardent supporter of New York football garnered significant attention upon her initial appearance in 2006, afterwards receiving a nomination for the esteemed AVN Best Group Scene award in the following year.

Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife

Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife
Claudia Garcia, Jordi El Nino Polla, Xander Corvus

Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife

Claudia Garcia possesses a clear understanding of the intentions conveyed in her husband’s written request for her to engage in social activities with his acquaintance.


She extends a glass of water to Xander Corvus and intentionally pours it over both of them, strategically positioning herself to be caught by Xander as she is in the process of changing.

In Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife, he exhibits a persistent inclination to touch her substantial mammary glands, thereafter engaging in an act colloquially referred to as “titty-fucking,” followed by her assuming an active position atop his phallus.

Jordi El Nino Polla discreetly observes his spouse engaging in intimate activities with a close acquaintance, while Claudia enthusiastically engages in oral stimulation of his substantial phallus.

Promoting a sense of compassion and empathy, individuals derive pleasure from engaging in the act of sharing with one another.

In this particular scenario, the individuals involved partake in the act of sharing intimate experiences with a woman who possesses prominent physical attributes.

Ultimately, both individuals conclude their engagement by ejaculating upon the woman’s sizable breasts.

Pornstar Featured in Please Fuck My Big Tit Wife

Claudia Garcia

Claudia Garcia, a blonde Spanish goddess who stands 5’9″ even before she slips her feet into a sky-high pair of heels, is sure to attract your attention, and not just because of her height.

Claudia’s stunning face, big natural tits, and gigantic ass have drawn all of Europe’s attention since she began in the adult film industry at the age of 18, as has her truly astonishing thirst for cum all over her voluptuous body.

The key thing Claudia seeks for in a guy is how effectively he can fulfil her in extreme sex, so take notes while you watch her sizzling scenes.

Cumming With The Marriage Counselor Chanel Camryn

Cumming With The Marriage Counselor
Chanel Camryn and Vince Karter

Cumming With The Marriage Counselor Chanel Camryn

Beautiful Chanel Camryn and the future of her marriage is uncertain.


As a result, she and her husband have decided to seek the advice of Vince Karter, one of the most well-known marital counsellors in the world, to determine whether or not their marriage can be salvaged.

Blonde Chanel’s husband is probably right when he says that he thinks she has wandering eyes. Is it really Chanel’s fault that everyone wants to make out with her because she’s so sexy?

In Brazzers Cumming With The Marriage Counselor, the moment Chanel meets Vince, she is instantly drawn to him, and later, when they are participating in a trust activity, she ends up falling square onto his face.

Oops! Vince learns that Chanel is far more promiscuous than he had previously thought behind her husband’s back as he and Chanel settle their differences in private.

Cumming With The Marriage Counselor

Chanel Camryn

As a former bikini barista in Alaska, blonde spinner Chanel Camryn understands what it means to be fiery!

If Miss Chanel can keep her natural curves warm in an Alaskan winter while wearing nothing but lingerie, she can certainly elevate your body temperature.

Chanel admits that, prior to pornography, she was rather vanilla, so she’s doing her experimenting, from hooking up with females to stretching her pussy with larger and thicker cocks, on camera for you to enjoy, and her scenes are certainly sizzling sizzling sizzling!