Wake Up Weary Travellers Eden Ivy Greta Foss

Wake Up Weary Travellers
Eden Ivy, Greta Foss and Steve Q

Wake Up Weary Travellers

Two travellers named Eden Ivy and Greta Foss encounter a situation upon entering the Fake Hostel where they observe Steve Q in a state of undress, with his genitalia exposed, while positioned at the front desk.


Upon arriving at their designated accommodation, Eden, a person adorned with tattoos, proceeds to engage in personal hygiene by taking a shower, oblivious to the fact that the host of the establishment, Steve, is surreptitiously observing her without her knowledge.

Steve surreptitiously enters Eden’s bed, enticed by her aesthetically pleasing natural breasts and groomed pubic area. Upon being discovered by the attractive brunette, he engages in a stimulating sexual encounter, characterised by a side position.

Subsequently, the individual with grey hair positions themselves in a manner that widens their legs and proceeds to engage in oral stimulation of the female genitalia, described as being moist and succulent.

Following this, Eden assumes a position on top and engages in sexual intercourse while adopting the cowgirl position. Finally, the act of fellatio is performed onto Eden.

Upon observing the unfolding events, Greta, a blonde individual with pierced features, elects to participate, so transforming the situation into a provocative encounter involving three individuals.

The individuals with a strong need for semen engage in a rotational process of performing oral sex and engaging in sexual intercourse with Steve, whose genitalia is notably lengthy and robust.

This process continues until Steve ejaculates onto Eden, at which point Greta, a visually appealing individual with shapely proportions, assumes a kneeling position to orally consume the ejaculate off her close friend’s facial area.

Curious About Cock Rika Fane

Curious About Cock
Rika Fane and Max Dior

Curious About Cock

Upon noticing her flatmate Max Dior’s well-endowed genitalia, Rika Fane, a visually impaired individual, experiences an immediate attraction towards it.


When activated, the attractive individual with dark hair inserts her hand into her shorts and engages in self-stimulation before approaching Max. She then proceeds to enthusiastically perform oral stimulation on his erect genital organ.

After engaging in a leisurely and intimate oral stimulation, the individual with tattoos proceeds to lower Rika’s undergarment and orally stimulates her labia and clitoris while providing gentle massage to her petite and unenhanced breasts.

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Subsequently, the individuals engage in a physically intimate encounter on the bed, followed by Rika assuming a cowgirl position atop Max, and subsequently presenting her posterior for vigorous penetration from the rear.

In FakeHostel Curious About Cock, Max, who possesses above-average genital dimensions, engages in sexual intercourse with Rika, who has a hairless genital region, assuming the missionary position.

Rika vocalises her pleasure audibly with each forceful movement of Max’s considerable phallus. Following this, the muscular and well-built individual withdraws his organ in order to ejaculate upon Rika’s attractive and slender physique.

No Chance To Chill

Fake Hostel No Chance To Chill
Angel Wicky, Sapphire Astrea, Candy Alexa

No Chance To Chill

When the smoking hot trio Angel Wicky, Candy Alexa, and Sapphire Astrea arrived at the Fake Hostel, they discovered that their host was not there and that there was only one bed available for them to share.


The hotties with large breasts pull their clothing off and struggle to fit their enormous titties and bubble bottoms into the bed. It doesn’t take them long to start stroking each other’s lovely bodies and grinding their pussies together, though!

Candy, a gorgeous Russian babe, worships Sapphire’s juicy tits while sticking out her curvaceous ass, and subsequently, Angel, a stunning redhead, eats out the Spanish nymph.

Candy, a gorgeous Russian babe, sticks out her curvy ass while she worships Sapphire’s juicy tits.

Next, the horny Czech fingers Sapphire while Candy licks and sucking on Angel’s hairy snatch, and then the raven-haired Sapphire lays her horny pussy on Candy’s face for a tongue-fucking as Angel scissors with the voluptuous stunner.

It is time to bring out the dildo with two ends, which Candy and Sapphire play with until they both climax, and then Candy uses a vibrating dildo to massage flame-haired Angel’s pierced lips and clit!

After reaching their respective climaxes, the lesbians decide to bring their steamy threesome to a close with a passionate kiss!

The Jealous Boyfriend Mia Trejsi

The Jealous Boyfriend
Mia Trejsi, Steve Q, Michael Fly

The Jealous Boyfriend

Upon their arrival at the Fake Hostel, Michael Fly, a physically robust individual, and his stunning Ukrainian partner, Mia Trejsi, are escorted to their designated room by the innkeeper, Steve Q.


It is worth noting that during this interaction, Steve Q engages in voyeuristic behaviour, surreptitiously observing Mia as she engages in oral stimulation of Michael’s rather large phallus.

Michael reciprocates by engaging in oral sex with the one possessing dark hair, followed by manual stimulation, and ultimately penetrating them with his erect phallus.

In an attempt to possess Mia exclusively, Steve manipulates Michael into leaving the shared accommodation, thereafter assuming his position and engaging in sexual activity with Mia, specifically focusing on her pierced lips, while adopting a doggy-style position.

In Fakehub The Jealous Boyfriend, Mia engages in sexual activity with two individuals who possess well-endowed genitalia. She transitions between copulating with them, assuming a cowgirl position on Steve’s substantial phallus until her attractive male partner returns.

Subsequently, she expeditiously dismounts from Steve and proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with Michael.

Following engaging in sexual intercourse in the missionary position with Steve, it is now Michael’s turn to receive oral stimulation on his penis from the attractive nymph until he ejaculates right into her mouth.

Fake Hostel Wanna Fuck My Girlfriend Holly Molly

Wanna Fuck My Girlfriend
Holly Molly, Steve Q and Mark Zane

Wanna Fuck My Girlfriend

Gorgeous auburn haired woman in the Fake Hostel, Holly Molly may be found giving her boyfriend’s dick a good deep throating.


The pair has no idea that their creepy host Steve Q is watching them masturbate as he is in the act himself!

After entering their room, the raunchy pair invites the hunk with the silver hair to join in on the fun.

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In Fake Hostel Wanna Fuck My Girlfriend, while Holly gags on Steve’s thick dick, her boyfriend Mark Zane bangs her tight pussy in a sexy side fuck, and then the flame-haired stunner spreads her legs so that Steve can slide his cock inside of her missionary-style.

After that, Steve gives Holly an incredible fingering that causes her to scream in ecstasy and orgasm all over the place!

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Next, the naughty little minx gives her admirers a messy double blowjob before riding Mark in reverse while Steve fucks her gorgeous face. After that, she gets on all fours to receive a pounding from her handsome, dark-haired partner in a doggystyle fashion.

When the well-fed guys have had their fill of Holly, they pull out and jack themselves off till the Russian slut is soaked in their come, and then they start all over again!

Blue Balls Cum Explosion

Blue Balls Cum Explosion
Nikky Dream, Sofia Lee, Steve Q

Blue Balls Cum Explosion

A gorgeous bombshell named Sofia Lee checks into the Fake Hostel while exposing her enormous breasts.


Then, we follow Sofia and her gigantic, bouncing melons to one of the rooms in the hostel, where sexy hunk Steve Q is getting down and dirty with another visitor, gorgeous Czech Nikky Dream!

After Sofia has joined them, the three of them form an exciting trio, and she opens her legs so that gray-haired Steve may eat out her shaved pussy. Steve enjoys eating out women’s pussies.

After that, Sofia and the lovely blonde beauty Nikky give their handsome host a filthy double blowjob.

During Blue Balls Cum Explosion, the dark-haired Sofia mounts Steve’s well-hung cock in cowgirl while the curvy Nikky plants her wonderful, round booty on his face for a tongue fucking!

We then see, Nikki gets herself on all fours to take a pounding in a doggy-style while simultaneously going down on Sofia’s tight snatch.

After that, it’s busty nympho Sofia’s time to straddle Steve’s lap and bounce on his long, thick cock in reverse. Steve is a very satisfied customer.

After Steve has successfully made the two hotties cum many times, he unleashes a huge load all over Nikky’s big jugs!

Backpackers From Outer Space

Backpackers From Outer Space
Mia Trejsi, Kaira Kampen, Steve Q

Backpackers from outer space

From deep within space, an asteroid fast approaches before entering Earth’s atmosphere and penetrating the Fake Hostel.


When Steve Q goes to investigate the source of the disturbance, he discovers two beautiful backpackers checking in from another galaxy!

After handing over some money for a room, the alien lifeforms get into position on the bed and instruct Steve that they require human sperm!

The grey-haired hunk willingly obliges and begins eating out their bald pussies, and then the tattooed blonde and athletic brunette return the favour by treating Steve to a sensational double blowjob!

With his cock hard and ready to fuck, the attractive extraterrestrials take turns riding it while playing with each other’s big boobs, before sticking out their nice, firm asses and inviting their host to bang them in doggy position!

In Fake Hostel Backpackers From Outer Space, an out of this world threesome ensues, which ends with the busty babes kneeling down submissively as Steve jerks a creamy load into their open mouths.

Their mission complete, the sexy babes depart the hostel via a mysterious portal, with Steve following in hot pursuit… Will the cum-hungry asteroid strike again? Stay tuned!

Swedish Backpacker and The Hot Guy Gina Snow, Marco Bull

Swedish Backpacker and The Hot Guy
Gina Snow, Marco Bull

Swedish Backpacker and The Hot Guy

Cute brunette Gina Snow is getting turned on by the sight of Marco Bull working out in their hostel room. With his handsome looks and hot, juicy pecs, Gina simply can’t stop staring at the Spanish heartthrob.


Craving a good fucking, the horny Swede sticks out her tight, firm ass, which the tattooed stud immediately starts spanking before he penetrates the slim babe in doggystyle and then flips her around so he can fuck her face.

Once she’s finished gagging on Marco’s thick dick, Gina spreads her legs and squeals as the tattooed hunk pleasures her wet pussy and then bangs her hard in missionary position.

Afterwards, the busty nympho climbs on top and rides Marco until she gets off, and then the raunchy pair have a side fuck on the floor as Gina’s big tits shake up and down.

In Swedish Backpacker and The Hot Guy, ready to explode, Marco strokes his cock until he cums all over Gina’s face in a sticky facial!

Fake Hostel Competing For Love Baby Kxtten, Steve Q, Don Diego

Competing For Love
Baby Kxtten, Steve Q, Don Diego

Competing For Love

When British bombshell Baby Kxtten and her boyfriend, Don Diego, check into the Fake Hostel, Steve Q is instantly attracted to the petite blonde.


After showing them to their room, grey-haired hunk Steve approaches Baby Kxtten, who treats him to a sneaky blowjob before sticking out her tight, firm ass for a doggystyle fucking!

Afterwards, the horny pair do some 69ing, with Baby Kxtten rimming Steve and gagging on his thick cock, and then the cheating slut bounces on his rod cowgirl-style while flashing her small, perky tits!

At that moment, Don discovers his girlfriend’s naughty antics, which turns Baby Kxtten on even more!

After appeasing her boyfriend, the filthy Brit is up for a wild threesome, so dark-haired Don and Steve take turns fucking Baby Kxtten’s face and pussy as the inked-up nympho rubs her clit.

Once she’s cum multiple times, in Fake Hostel Competing For Love, Baby Kxtten gets on her knees and sucks off both men until she’s rewarded with a hot double facial!

Nympho Teen Needs More Cock Melany Mendes, Erik Everhard, Steve Q

Nympho Teen Needs More Cock
Melany Mendes, Erik Everhard, Steve Q

Nympho Teen Needs More Cock

It isn’t easy to satisfy busty babe Melany Mendez’s sexual appetite, so her boyfriend Erik Everhard enlists the help of Steve Q!

Beefy hunk Steve is happy to assist, and he sticks his rock-hard cock deep in the horny Czech’s eager mouth before flipping her on all fours and eating out her dripping wet pussy.


Following a doggystyle fucking, Steve creampies Melany’s hole, then Erik takes his place and continues banging the sexy brunette from behind!

It isn’t long before grey-haired Steve is ready to fuck again, and this time he treats Melany to an intense pounding in missionary position while the inked-up nympho sucks and slurps on Erik’s big dick.

Next, the voluptuous beauty jumps on top of Erik and rides his long shaft in cowgirl as her tall, bearded lover playfully spanks her bum, then the pair have a raunchy side fuck on the floor.

In Nympho Teen Needs More Cock, once Melany has orgasmed multiple times, she wanks off Steve and Erik until they both cum hard all over her pretty face!