The Statues Solid Cock

The Statues Solid Cock
Katy Rose, Ivy Maddox, Ellie Shou

The Statues Solid Cock

Close friends Elli Shou and Ivy Maddox are currently engaged in a visit to a museum, during which they take a moment to appreciate a sculpture that portrays the deity commonly referred to as the “Goddess of Sex.”


Although the prohibition against photographing the artefact is clear, Elli and Ivy, driven by a sense of mischief, surreptitiously capture images of their posterior and chest regions in close proximity to the masterpiece.

The playful actions of the girls incite a response from the exhibit, causing it to animate. Upon discarding her garment, the crimson-haired sculpture known as Katy Rose reveals a concealed elongated and substantial prosthetic device, which Elli and Ivy promptly engage with their oral cavities.

Subsequently, a visually appealing individual with dark brown hair, known as Ivy, assumes a dominant position atop a mechanical device designed for sexual stimulation, engaging in a riding motion commonly referred to as the “cowgirl” style.

In Fake Hub Originals The Statues Solid Cock, concurrently, Elli, another participant, proceeds to orally stimulate Ivy’s notably large breasts. Following this sequence of events, the focus shifts to a fair-haired individual of British origin, who becomes the recipient of sexual penetration.

Subsequently, Ivy, a nymph adorned with tattoos, engages in a sexual position commonly referred to as “doggystyle,” when she receives vigorous penetration from a partner positioned behind her.

Concurrently, Elli engages in manual stimulation of Ivy’s genitalia. Following this, Elli assumes Ivy’s position and engages in similar sexual activity.

This explicit encounter involving three individuals culminates in a powerful climax, as Ivy experiences female ejaculation, releasing her orgasmic fluids over Elli, who proceeds to consume the bodily secretions of the voluptuous European woman.

FakeHub D Is For Discount

FakeHub D Is For Discount
Charlie Red and Michael Fly

FakeHub D is for Discount

Charlie Red, a smouldering hottie with fiery hair, has arrived to a furniture store in the hopes of finding a unique kind of sale, and the sales associates Jake Fly and Michael Fly are vying with one another to make the most alluring proposal to her.


However, when they find Charlie stealing and question her about it, the lovely redhead does her best to get out of the sticky position by pouncing on Michael’s massive dick and distracting him with a blowjob!

She does this to get out of the situation! In FakeHub D Is For Discount, after a steamy titwank, the voluptuous beauty crawls down on all fours to receive a hard fucking doggy-style, and then the passionate couple have a side fuck on one of the showcase beds before Charlie spreads her legs and gets drilled in the missionary position.

Next, the naughty Czech woman gets on top of Michael’s lap and rides his huge cock in cowgirl.

After that, the dark-haired hunk rubbed Charlie’s clit to the point of ecstasy while he spilled a creamy load all over her face!

Pranksters Anal Surprise Selva Lapiedra, Kristof Cale

Pranksters Anal Surprise
Selva Lapiedra, Kristof Cale

Pranksters Anal Surprise

Bearded prankster Kristof Cale is up to his usual tricks… this time cutting holes in Selva Lapiedra’s tight workout shorts!


When the athletic babe goes to confront her roommate, she finds him wanking off while sniffing her panties!

In FakeHub Pranksters Anal Surprise, seeing Kristof’s big dick, Selva doesn’t stay mad with him for long, and instead gets on her knees to blow him.

After gagging on his throbbing erection, Selva sticks out her nice round booty, and lets Kristof lube it up before penetrating her juicy hole from behind in doggystyle.

The horny pair do some intimate spooning on the sofa, and then Selva gets a taste of her own ass by sucking some more on Kristof’s dick.

With her small, perky tits on display, the dark-haired nympho orgasms multiple times bouncing on her roomie’s lap cowgirl-style and reverse, and then afterwards she takes a hard anal pounding in missionary position until Kristof pulls out to cover her face in cum!