Teaching Big Tits To Fish Julz Gotti

Teaching Big Tits To Fish
Julz Gotti and JMac

Teaching Big Tits To Fish

Julz Gotti observes Jmac engaging in fishing activities along the pier and formulates a strategic approach to attract his attention and establish a connection.


The individual inquires about the possibility of utilising the fishing equipment and subsequently receives instruction on fishing techniques.

Subsequently, she intentionally drops the fishing rod into the water, ostensibly to immerse her prominent breasts in the water while retrieving it.

As per her intentions, Jmac proceeds to make contact with the substantial breasts of his companion once her white garment becomes saturated.

Subsequently, Julz engages in oral stimulation of his genitalia and engages in a sexual act known as tittyfucking when situated near a body of water.

Jmac guides her towards the truck, where she assumes a position on all fours atop the cooler. He engages in vigorous sexual activity with her, culminating in ejaculation on her breasts.

Pornstar Featured in Reality Kings Teaching Big Tits To Fish

Julz Gotti

Stunning Julz Gotti is used to her massive booty standing out from the crowd. That’s why this babe enjoys travelling to the south to film sensual scenes with other big-booty cuties.

Julz has previously stated that one of the reasons she enjoys Miami so much is that “I don’t feel outta place having a big ASS!” Julz’s ass is still something remarkable, especially in South Florida, where the biggest butts roam free.

Julz’s booty draws the eye of every red-blooded male as soon as it follows her in the door, perfectly hard, round, and mesmerising, especially when she’s tossing it back while riding a gigantic cock.

This beauty also has a gorgeous huge natural set of tits, but the feature she’s most pleased of bringing to film is her aptitude at deepthroating.

“I feel like I can really suck dick and multi-task,” she says. Julz is out to prove herself to the world, so check out the movies below to see this bootylicious babe take on the toughest challenge of her life.