BangBros Sisi Rose on the Bus

BangBros Sisi Rose on the Bus
Sisi Rose and Jay Bangher

BangBros Sisi Rose on the Bus

Sisi Rose had just left the yacht club and was on her way home when the renowned white van pulled up next to her.


Because she was from New York, she was unaware that Miami had white vans because she had never been there.

She engaged in light conversation with the men photographing her.

She cut the strings of her pants and offered it to them in exchange for $500 after she ate some chocolates that she had already partially consumed for $100.

Then, she received an offer of one thousand dollars to expose her breasts.

On the other hand, it would be less public inside the van. As a result, they went around in circles, and the Sisi displayed her beautiful breasts.

And at that point both her butt and she were exposed to the world. Because it appeared that Jay Bangher was concealing a large object in his trousers, the two of them removed it, and she sucked it.

After that, it’s very evident that they made out while the bus was bouncing around Miami’s uneven streets. They made out, she moaned, and then they made out some more until Jay got his face all up in hers.

Pornstar Featured in BangBros Sisi Rose on the Bus

Sisi Rose

Sisi Rose is a big-booty model, but even a photo can’t do her credit. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture can’t do justice to Sisi Rose.

The magazine spreads that featured this hottie with the dark hair weren’t enough for her loyal followers, and they weren’t enough for her, either!

Sisi has transported her enormous, beautiful booty into the realm of pornography, where you can witness exactly how she shakes and shimmies it, as well as how she tosses it back on a massive dick!