A Deal for a Ride Caramella Del X

Public Agent A Deal for a Ride
Caramella Del X

A Deal for a Ride

While traversing a rural thoroughfare, I halted my vehicle to engage in conversation with an alluring individual seeking a ride.


Caramella Del X expressed her financial constraints and proposed a mutually beneficial arrangement wherein she would provide her services in exchange for transportation without monetary compensation.

I consented, and subsequent to the display of the raven-haired individual’s modest, pierced breasts, I proceeded to unlock the passenger door, allowing her to enter the vehicle.

During the course of the expedition, I had a heightened state of sexual arousal, prompting me to propose a financial transaction to Caramella in exchange for engaging in oral sexual activity.

Due to financial necessity, the individual in question agreed to the proposed arrangement. Consequently, we stopped at a remote location, where she assumed a kneeling position and engaged in an act of oral stimulation.

In Public Agent A Deal for a Ride, the sensation of my substantial phallus within her oral cavity elicited a strong arousal response, prompting Caramella to elevate her skirt and present her remarkable posterior, thereby asking me to engage in sexual intercourse in the doggy-style position.

Subsequently, the unclean female equine engaged in a rhythmic motion involving her constricted genitalia while positioned astride my lap, employing both the traditional and inverted cowgirl orientations.

Following this, I proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse with her in the rear compartment of the automobile, employing the conventional missionary position.

After inducing many orgasms, I withdrew and ejaculated right into her oral cavity.