Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful Victoria Voxxx, Nicole Doshi

Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful
Victoria Voxxx, Nicole Doshi

Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful

When Victoria Voxxx’s fiancee, Nicole Doshi, takes her to her home, she is taken aback by the stunning appearance of Nicole’s abode. Victoria is overcome with emotion.


Nevertheless, Nicole refers to it adoringly as THEIR home. After being involved in a vehicle accident ten years ago, Victoria has spent the majority of that time in a coma, which has caused her to miss out on many experiences.

When the disaster occurred, Victoria and Nicole had just snuck away from Victoria’s parents’ house to get married in secret, which Victoria’s parents strongly disapproved of.

Further, Nicole discloses that she has always been loyal to Victoria, which is the reason why Victoria’s parents have finally come around to the idea of the two of them being together.

In Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful, Victoria is genuinely moved by Nicole’s unwavering support for her for such a long period of time, but she is also saddened by everything that Nicole had to go through.

After expressing her compassion, Nicole explains that she has something special in store for Victoria.

In an effort to help Victoria get caught up on everything that she has been absent from, Nicole gives Victoria a box that is full with remembrances.

Victoria is overjoyed and feels an overwhelming sense of emotion as she discovers that their wedding rings are contained within the package.

According to Nicole, the rings were found at the scene of the vehicle accident, and Nicole placed them in the box as a precautionary measure after putting them there.

Sparks begin to fly between them, and after determining that Victoria is ready for it, they come to the conclusion that they should make love in order to begin creating wonderful new memories together.

Girlsway Open Hearts Ember Snow, Bella Rolland, Mocha Menage

Girlsway Open Hearts
Ember Snow, Bella Rolland, Mocha Menage


Bella Rolland is getting ready to break up with her lover, Mocha Menage, in order to go on a lengthy vacation to help people in need.


Even though Mocha is on the fence about it, Bella has given Mocha permission to see other ladies while she is gone since she does not want Mocha to be lonely during this time.

But Mocha says she will give it a shot if the loneliness becomes too much for her to bear.

Bella finally gets back from her travels after a year has passed. Through her past text exchanges with Mocha, Bella is able to learn that Mocha eventually began dating someone else during the time that she was away from Bella.

Bella is feeling a little anxious right now despite the fact that Mocha just performed precisely what she desired. What if, after all this time… she’s going to be replaced by someone else?

Nevertheless, it is very obvious that they still love each other very much when Mocha is overjoyed to see her return home.

When they start talking about Ember Snow, the woman who Mocha met and formed a bond with while Bella was away, there is still some awkwardness between them. Bella and Ember Snow.

Mocha is quick to reassure Bella that she won’t be replaced, despite the fact that Bella expresses her anxiety about being replaced.

In point of fact, Mocha believes that Bella will grow to like Ember just as much as she does, which is why she is keeping her fingers crossed that Bella will be willing to at least consider the possibility of having a relationship with someone who practises the triple lifestyle.

In Girlsway Open Hearts, Bella gives her word that she will at least talk to Ember, even if she isn’t completely sold on the idea just yet.

A little while later, Mocha is the one who introduces Ember to Bella. Because of their continued interactions, Bella is able to gradually become more at ease around Ember; it’s easy to see why Mocha fell in love with her!

At some point, Bella confides in Ember about her insecurities, and Ember responds by assuring her that there is absolutely nothing for her to be concerned about.

During Girlsway Open Hearts, as their conversation continues, Bella ultimately comes around to the idea of giving Ember a chance and taking the time to get to know her better

Holy Matri-Moly Loose Threads Vicki Chase, Kayley Gunner

Holy Matri-Moly Loose Threads
Vicki Chase, Kayley Gunner

Holy Matri-Moly!: Loose Threads

Vicki Chase has chosen her best friend Kayley Gunner to be her maid of honour for her upcoming wedding.


While Vicki is at work, Kayley has gone out and purchased a wedding dress for Vicki’s betrothed so that they may get a head start on the preparations for the forthcoming wedding.

Kayley’s thinking side emerges as she observes how stunning the garment is and she decides that she would like to try it on for herself.

She is fully aware that she shouldn’t, yet she nevertheless gives in to her desires in the end.

After Kayley has finished putting on the wedding dress, she gazes at herself in the mirror and gives herself compliments.

She acts out the fantasy of being married while disclosing that she has a crush… on Vicki. She plays out the fantasy of getting married.

Miss Gunner was caught off guard when Vicki came home from work unexpectedly early and walked right in on her. Kayley is trying to get out of the dress, but she can’t seem to pull it off.

In Holy Matri-Moly Loose Threads Kayley says that she had fantasised about Vicki, and Vicki tries to assist her in getting out of the dress. Nevertheless, because of this, Vicki becomes so startled that she tears the dress inadvertently.

Kayley is feeling even more bad, and she finally comes clean and reveals that she has a crush on Vicki.

She explains that she hasn’t said anything because she was afraid it would damage their friendship. Vicki is adamant that it would have been for the best if Kayley had expressed her opinion on the matter.

Kayley is taken aback when Vicki reveals that she has recently been confronted with a number of troubling portents regarding the forthcoming wedding.

They have come to the conclusion that in the future, it is imperative for both of them to communicate more openly and honestly with one another.

Vicki suggests that they have an affair in order to determine whether or not they are meant to be together. Kayley is taken aback, but after being persuaded, she agrees to have sex with Vicki so that they may determine whether or not they are meant to be together.

We Like Girls – Kylie Rocket and Charly Summer

We Like Girls – Charly & Kylie
Kylie Rocket, Charly Summer

We Like Girls - Charly & Kylie

We Like Girls has returned with a brand new episode, so let’s get started!


Because I’ve had such a good time cooperating with Charly Summer over the course of the past few years, I couldn’t wait to have her join us on the set.

Charly is a wonderful performer who has a lot of excitement, and it was with that same zeal that she selected Kylie Rocket to be her partner for the performance today.

In We Like Girls – Kylie Rocket and Charly Summer, this was the first time I had the opportunity to meet Kylie, and it was immediately apparent that Charly and Kylie have a strong bond with each other… as well as some entertaining nicknames for one another.

Kylie has a fantastic smile and a wonderful sense of humour, and the chemistry that she shared with Charly was a joy to behold.

I really hope that you will like viewing these as much as I do!

Girlsway Romancing Remotely Jayden Cole, Victoria Voxxx

Girlsway Romancing Remotely
Jayden Cole, Victoria Voxxx

Romancing Remotely

Jayden Cole invites Victoria Voxxx, an information technology specialist, into her home so that she may fix a problem with her computer.


They used to work together in the same office, but since Jayden made the transition to working from home, they haven’t seen each other in a while.

When Victoria sees Jayden dressed more casually and comfortably than in workplace clothing, she is a little taken aback by how adorable he looks.

The fact that Jayden’s computer issue could not be resolved remotely prompted Victoria to make the trip all the way here, and while Jayden apologised for the inconvenience, Victoria insisted that she was glad to be of assistance.

In Girlsway Romancing Remotely, Jayden shows Victoria the way inside her bedroom, which has a desk in it for her computer.

While Victoria is trying to figure out how to fix the issue by inserting a USB key into the computer, Jayden can’t help but notice how stunning Victoria is.

After the issue with the computer has been resolved, Victoria accidentally drops her USB key, which results in a fresh spark of attraction between the two women as they simultaneously reach for the item.

Both Jayden and Victoria are honest when they say that even though the issue has been resolved, none of them is ready for Victoria to leave just yet.

They’ve missed each other SO MUCH at the office that it’s almost painful to think about it. Jayden makes the request to Victoria that she remain for a little while longer.

They start out with a kiss and then move on to having sweet, playful sex.

Roleplay With Me: My Cartoon Crush Dee Williams, Sonny McKinley

Roleplay With Me: My Cartoon Crush
Dee Williams, Sonny McKinley

My Cartoon Crush

Sonny McKinley, who is a devoted follower of the television show Hentai Sex School, will have the opportunity to meet one of her idols today, as luck would have it.


After winning a competition, Sonny will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with none other than Dee Williams, who supplies the voice of Principal Coldsnatch, Sonny’s favourite character on the show.

The opportunity for Sonny to finally meet Dee in person is nothing short of a dream come true.

In My Cartoon Crush, Sonny is shown inside the house by Dee after she has greeted her, and the two of them make themselves comfortable on the couch.

Sonny’s fanfiction submission for the contest is praised by Dee, and she even signs the comic book that Sonny brought with her to the event.

As they talk to one another, it is clear that they are attracted to one another, and when Dee mentions that she recently acquired a cosplay outfit of Principal Coldsnatch, she has an amusing (and impure) notion about what might happen if they wore the costumes together.

As Dee dons the attire of Principal Coldsnatch and rejoins them on the couch, Sonny is rendered speechless and in awe of how hot she looks in the disguise.

Dee doesn’t let that be the end of it, though; in order to get Sonny even more excited, she begins to ROLEPLAY as Coldsnatch.

During My Cartoon Crush it doesn’t take long for their pretend play to turn into something more physical, and Sonny gets the chance to live out her desire by slapping the animated version of her crush!

Ignoring ALL Distractions Lexi Lore Pristine Edge

Ignoring ALL Distractions
Lexi Lore, Pristine Edge

Ignoring ALL Distractions

When Lexi Lore’s lustful and meddling stepmother, Pristine Edge, walks into the room, she is working on her homework.


Pristine is adamant that they have their SPECIAL quality time together, but despite how enjoyable it may seem, Lexi is resolved to finish her homework before they can spend time together.

Pristine is just as adamant about obtaining her allotted quality time, but Lexi is not budging from her position.

In Ignoring ALL Distractions, Lexi insists that she will not take any breaks while she works on her homework, and she instructs Pristine to do whatever she pleases while she waits for Lexi’s assignments to be completed. Pristine turns naughty.

When Pristine starts touching Lexi, it is clear that the two of them are engaging in sexual activity during their quality time together.

Lexi makes an effort to disregard Pristine so that she can concentrate on completing her assignments.

Still determined, Pristine begins engaging in various sexual acts with Lexi in an effort to divert her attention away from her schoolwork.

There is no denying that Lexi is enticed, but she musters the strength to keep working.

During Ignoring ALL Distractions, in the end, Lexi is able to complete her assignments and declares that she is now ready to engage in sexual activity.

Pristine cannot contain her joy. Their one-on-one quality time may at last get underway in earnest.