BangBros Niki Harris Fucks Roommate

BangBros Niki Harris Fucks Roommate
Niki Harris and Freddy Gong

BangBros Niki Harris Fucks Roommate

Niki Harris is without a doubt one of the celebrities who I adore the most. The fact that she is here to show off her gorgeous body today is such a blessing for us.


Seeing her spruce up in the bathtub with a retractable shower head makes me want to put my hands down my trousers. Just seeing her does it makes me want to do it.

The way her behind moves around in the water, her low moans, and the way her legs are propped up on the bathtub so that we can see her in its whole are all highlights.

I have a feeling that I’m falling in love! Our employee Freddy is currently in the living room, where he is under the impression that his flatmate Niki is not present.

In BangBros Niki Harris Fucks Roommate, he engages in sexual activity without seeing that Niki is in the toilet at the same time.

She is frightened when she hears him nut, so she sneaks up on him gently to discover that it was Freddy the whole time.

Niki was quick to show off the size of her dildo and compare it to Freddy’s enormous cock. She did this by kneeling down and showing off the size of her dildo.

She didn’t have to think about it for very long before she realised that she like playing with Freddy’s cock and began sucking on it.

Watch Niki’s derriere wiggle and wiggle some more on a BBC, and listen to her quake and mutter in delight at the joys she is experiencing. Freddy’s a lucky man.