BangBros Grading The Curves

BangBros Grading The Curves
Tiffani Madison and Parker Ambrose

BangBros Grading The Curves

Because nobody wants to study while goon sessions are available, Parker is having a hard time keeping up with the rest of his schoolwork.


His stepmother Tiffani, being the wonderful mother that she is, suggests that he should go out and start a relationship.

That would make him less horny, which would allow him to concentrate better on his studies. She was completely unaware of the fact that Parker is able to criticise every woman he has ever met in the same manner as Seinfeld.

Therefore, she makes the offer to fuck him. He has just begun to suspect that she is playing a joke on him when she produces her enormous tits.

In BangBros Grading The Curves, Parker pounces on the opportunity to put one of those exquisite morsels in his mouth. At this moment, she was able to see his dick print through the trousers he was wearing.

She yanks it out and makes an attempt to peel the skin off with her mouth. Parker makes out with his stepmother as if it were the last day of class.

Then she bears the heaviest burden on her own shoulders. It ought should be a lot simpler for you to concentrate on schoolwork today.

A mind devoid of clutter has empty balls. Or, to put it another way, that old proverb.