FAKE TAXI Warm Me Up with Big Cock Laura Fiorentino

Warm Me Up with Big Cock
Laura Fiorentino

Warm me up with big cock

The sultry Italian MILF Laura Fiorentino was waiting for me in the Fake Taxi when I arrived today.


She had gotten caught in the rain, and the top she was wearing was completely drenched. I was about to offer her my coat, but before she could put it on, I requested that she got her kit off.

The fact that Laura undressed, so revealing her enormous false tits, stimulated my sexual need.

I was becoming turned on by the stunning woman with the raven hair, so I located a location to park where there was no noise and joined her in the back of the cab.

After bouncing her hairless pussy on it in cowgirl position, Laura went right to it, sucking and slurping on my large dick in a sloppy blowjob, and then after that, she spread her slender legs and took a fuck like a missionary!

In Fake Taxi Warm Me Up with Big Cock, After riding my cock again in reverse, the tattooed slut bent down and urged me to bang her in doggy position.

After she invited me to bang her in doggy position, I wanked off until I came on her pierced tongue.

Fake Taxi Italian Stripper Experience

Italian Stripper Experience
Megan Fiore

Italian Stripper Experience

Today in the Fake Taxi, I picked up this sexy Italian stripper named Megan Fiore.


During the ride, I asked if she would mind putting on a little private show for me; the raven-haired stunner didn’t need much persuasion, and she got out her huge, juicy titties and shook them!

Seeing those bouncing melons really turned me on, so I offered Megan 100 euros for sexual favours.

After parking the cab somewhere quiet, I joined the busty babe in the backseat, where she gave me a fantastic blowjob!

Gagging on my long, thick cock got her horny and wanting more, so she sat her tight snatch on it cowgirl-style before spreading her legs for a missionary fuck.

Afterwards, I flipped the filthy mare on all fours and banged her dripping wet pussy in doggy position, then she cushioned my dick between her big boobs and wanked it off!

In Fake Taxi Italian Stripper Experience, Megan went down on me again till I was close to cumming, then I gave myself a hand shandy and spunked all over the slut’s rack!