A Slice Of The Action Kenna James, Ivy Wolfe

A Slice Of The Action
Kenna James, Ivy Wolfe

A Slice of the Action

Blonde scorching bombshell with blonde hair Ivy Wolfe is terribly let down when she returns home anxiously awaiting her dinner plans with her boyfriend.


She gets home to find him dozing in the middle of the remains of his snacks when she gets there.

She was really looking forward to their meal together. In addition to this, it became out that he had actually made an order for some meals!

In Twisty’s A Slice Of The Action Kenna James, a seductive delivery girl who works for Topless Pizza, rings the doorbell while balancing a hot pie on her arm.

Ivy does not have enough money, but Kenna has a method for them to take care of what they each require, and in the meantime, the babes devour each other.

They use scissors to cut the pizza in the kitchen, and then they eat it without the top.

Take a look at these two fine looking blonde babes with amazing looking tits.  I would hate to see what would happen if one of their arms slipped!

Perv and Passion Ivy Wolfe, Nicole Kitt

Perv and Passion
Ivy Wolfe, Nicole Kitt , Manuel Ferrara

Perv and Passion

This is the Brazzers porn debut for blonde babe Ivy Wolfe.


These stunning ladies are all dolled up and eager to be pampered, licked, and whipped into a creamy consistency!

Ivy Wolfe and Nicole Kitt both get fucked by Manuel Ferrara while he shares his cock with them and sends their tight pussies into squealing, dripping orgasms.

In Brazzers Perv and Passion, Ivy and Nicole take turns sucking and deepthroating the dick of Manuel while also eating each other out, licking squirt, and eating each other out.

Manuel gives these hotties one more taste of his cock by fucking on their faces after they have used up all their energy.

Pornstars Featured in Perv and Passion

Ivy Wolfe

Green-eyed beauty Ivy Wolfe finds it all too easy to inspire men’s passion, but she warns that she can’t be conquered: “You can befriend a wolf, you can even break a wolf, but you can never truly tame it” Ivy writes, and certainly this stunning brunette shows no signs of settling down any time soon.

Ivy found her way to porn in 2017 under the moniker Emma Scarlett because she was looking for the freedom to be her sexual self somewhere people would accept her with no shame.

It’s clear she found it, and after a name change to reflect her true wild nature, her new pornstar self was the perfect fit!

Ivy may not be in any hurry to be metaphorically tied down, but literally tied up is a different story: this babe is naturally submissive and loves exploring her limits with BDSM.

Wearing bright red lipstick that sets off her smooth skin, Ivy can look like a pinup model; out in nature with no makeup on, she becomes a hippie babe radiating good vibes.

In any setting, Ivy is stunning. Get a glimpse of this wild-at-heart beauty in her Brazzers debut called Perv and Passion

Nicole Kitt

Stunning porn starlet Nicole has a great tip for remembering her last name: “The Kitt in Kitten,” as in sex kitten! Miss Kitt has a natural aptitude for adult film because she just loves being naked.

Nicole never wears PJs in bed, and she even makes a habit of lying out in the sun in her birthday suit and fucking her pussy with some of her favourite toys.

Nicole might have to put on clothes when she heads to the gym to work out her lean body and big sexy booty, but luckily she’s found a job where the un-dress code suits her perfectly!

Check out this sex kitten and her body that’s too gorgeous to keep under wraps now.