Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy)

Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy)
Hailey Rose, London Laurent, Manuel Ferrara

Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy)

Manuel Ferrara is a docile, routine-obsessed, office worker who obeys his superiors without question.


His friends might describe him as “a stick in the mud,” but when his flirting, big-breasted coworker (London Laurent) coats his pencil in her pussy secretions, Ferrara smells the approach of a new office culture.

In this scene, London Laurent plays the role of Ferrara’s coworker who coats his pencil in her pussy juices. In the cafeteria, Laurent exposes her enormous tits, and Ferrara, who has recently regained his freedom, smacks them with his enormous uncut cock.

Soon after, another coworker named Hailey Rose observes, and before long, the two of them are sucking on his dick as a team. Ferrara fucks them all around the cafeteria, and the girls take turns riding his hog and shoving their boobies in Ferrara’s face while he gets fucked.

As soon as Hailey’s pussy starts flowing, it becomes quite clear that the new office collaboration is successful. Ferrara stays true to his character by vigorously working their mouths and pussies before covering their faces with come.

What a breathtaking illustration of project management and the ability to find solutions to problems, but now we face a new challenge: who can go back to work after that?

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London Laurent

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