Money Talks Beach Day

Money Talks Beach Day
Riley Star, Kelsi Monroe, Willow Ryder, Sawyer Cassidy, Elana Bunnz, Lucky Anne, Ethan Seeks

Money Talks: Beach Day

Kelsi Monroe has returned with a desire to engage in unconventional activities and is seeking individuals who share similar inclinations. She intends to pursue these activities in a seaside setting.


Initially, Kelsi gathers a group of individuals who exhibit mischievous behaviour, specifically including Sawyer Cassidy and Riley Star, to engage in the activity of hula hooping without wearing upper garments on a sandy area.

Subsequently, Kelsi leads the aforementioned group back to a studio where Sawyer, while blindfolded, participates in a sensory evaluation involving the tasting of intimate areas belonging to Willow Ryder, Lucky Anne, and Riley.

The objective of this evaluation is to determine whether Sawyer can accurately identify her romantic partner’s genitalia from a selection of options.

Subsequently, Kelsi intercepts Elana Bunnz and persuades her to expose herself in a public setting, following which she escorts her to engage in a game titled “What’s in the Hole?”

In Reality Kings Money Talks Beach Day, Elana demonstrates proficiency in recognising various sexual objects, such as a vibrator, semen, and a phallic symbol, and has a desire to engage in oral and penetrative sexual activities.

Ethan, a fortuitous assistant, engages in intimate activities with Elana, demonstrating a desire for physical intimacy. Elana, in turn, expresses a request for Ethan’s release against her facial region.

BangBros Lucky Gets Lucky

BangBros Lucky Gets Lucky
Lucky Anne and Derek Savage

BangBros Lucky Gets Lucky

Lucky Anne was coming from the beach when this white van pulled up and the guys offered $100 for a quick 5 minute survey. Easy money right?


The survey was easy. Lucky excelled at all answers. But wait there was more money. $500 to see her tits. It was just tits right?

In no time she was butt naked in the van being fucked by Derek Savage. The van was bumping the two were humping, fucking and sucking until all of Derek’s cum landed on Lucky’s face.

Then they dumped her in the rain and drove off into the lightning.