Office Intern Fucks Before Meeting Luna Legend

Office Intern Fucks Before Meeting
Luna Legend, JMac

Office Intern Fucks Before Meeting

Intern with the sweetest pink hair Luna Legend feels that her beautiful coworker Jmac is so sexy that she simply has to play with her pussy at her desk, and then she writes him a letter telling him to meet her in the staircase!


Jmac comes in to discover the eager intern waiting for him with her legs bent down and her dick already wet.

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The naughty employees try their best to keep quiet while Jmac fucks Luna in a doggystyle, but they only just manage to avoid getting discovered by the manager.

Before they reach their three o’clock, Luna makes it a point to empty that cock of all of its spunk.

About Luna Legend

As you might expect from a Southern California blonde, Luna Legend, who hails from Los Angeles, is all about good vibes in both her lovers and the toys in her collection.

According to Luna, she is looking for someone with “good dick, and positive energy.” Someone who can endure a long journey without becoming grumpy.

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Who could possibly have a complaint about having this pierced and tattooed hottie suck his dick or getting to put it in that exquisite pussy over and over again, even in strange locations and times, which is Luna’s favourite turn-on!

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