The Squirt Tutor Kimmy Kimm, Madi Collins

Girlsway The Squirt Tutor
Kimmy Kimm, Madi Collins

The Squirt Tutor

Kimmy Kimm is greeted warmly by Madi Collins as she enters her home.

Madi reached out to Kimmy, a tutor, via the internet, and Kimmy is thrilled to find that Madi has gathered a number of towels in preparation for their session together.


You have to understand that Kimmy is a highly unique kind of tutor known as a SQUIRT tutor. Madi is interested in acquiring the skill of squirting so that she can pleasantly surprise her girlfriend.

Kimmy is able to detect Madi’s excitement and responds by asking her to calm down and that she will share what she has learned with her.

In The Squirt Tutor, Kimmy gives an introduction to the course by discussing the appropriate ways to get ready for a wet session. They begin by laying out the towels, and then they remove their clothes one by one.

After that, Kimmy uses a wash basin to clean Madi’s vagina, making sure that Madi is comfortable and even a little excited as she does so in a sensitive manner.

After that, Kimmy tells Madi to have a seat and watch while she moves on to the next part of the lesson, which is to see how squirting works.

Madi’s enthusiasm is piqued when Kimmy gives a demonstration of how she makes herself squirt. After that, Kimmy assists Madi in squirting, and she compliments Madi on the work she’s done.

A delightful sex session ensues between an experienced mentor and an eager student, during which the women continue to make each other squirt at each other’s expense.

The things that Madi has learned are going to leave her girlfriend highly impressed.