The Dirty Walk Home Cherry Candle

The Dirty Walk Home
Cherry Candle, Martin Gun

The Dirty Walk Home

During a leisurely stroll one day, I fortuitously encountered an aesthetically pleasing woman characterised by her vibrant red hair, who identified herself as Cherry Candle.


Cherry communicated to me that she was unable to utilise a taxi service due to her failure to catch her last train home and her insufficient funds. In a generous disposition, I suggested to Cherry the possibility of exchanging euros in return for her willingness to reveal her physique.

Cherry’s vibrant demeanour, adorned with piercings on her nipples, and her choice of attire featuring a thong, evoked a sense of arousal inside me.

Consequently, I made the decision to offer more financial compensation to Cherry, with the understanding that it would be in exchange for intimate acts. Cherry’s posterior was also adorned with a thong.

We identified a remote location in close proximity, and upon arrival, Cherry assumed a kneeling position to perform oral sex before assuming a squatting posture to engage in a consensual act involving a doggystyle.

In Public Agent The Dirty Walk Home, I engaged in sexual intercourse with an individual adorned with tattoos while they assumed the missionary position. This was then succeeded by a remarkable sexual encounter including a lateral posture on the floor.

The intense sensation experienced from Cherry’s vaginal muscles elicited a heightened state of pleasure, leading to the imminent release of ejaculatory fluids.

Through manual stimulation, I facilitated the process until climax was achieved, resulting in the dispersion of seminal fluid upon her very pleasing breasts.

The intense stimulation provided by Cherry’s genitalia elicited a strong physiological response, prompting the imminent release of seminal fluid.

Brit Babe Big Cock Love Lara Lee

Brit Babe Big Cock Love
Lara Lee and Martin Gun

Brit Babe Big Cock Love

The other day, I was walking down the street when I noticed a stunning dark-haired woman talking on the phone, and I couldn’t help but stare at her.


After Lara Lee observed that I was gazing, she ended her conversation with her buddy and inquired about what I was doing. The hot Brit had to catch a bus, but when I gave her a few euros, she was more than willing to stay with me and continue our conversation.

I increased the amount of money I was willing to pay her to expose her breasts, and she agreed to do so. She even allowed me to touch her naturally petite tits.

Her pierced nipples were starting to hurt, and then she showed me her buttocks while it was covered by a thong. I requested Lara to bend down so that I could slap her cheeks, and the dirty little minx then said that large cocks make her extremely hot.

We moved to a more isolated area so that she could bounce her tight pussy on it when she saw how huge mine was and dropped to her knees to do a deep throat blowjob on it.

When she saw how big mine was, she dropped to her knees and gobbled it up in a deep throat blowjob. Lara sucked me off some more after riding me cowgirl and reverse, and then I hammered her hard in missionary position on the floor as she rubbed her clit to climax.

In Brit Babe Big Cock Love, she rode me cowgirl and reverse again. To top things off, she thrust out her enormous ass and let me fuck her doggystyle. After that, she wanked me off until I emptied my balls into her mouth and then she wanked me off some more!

Create Content with Me Ann Joy

Create Content with Me
Ann Joy and Martin Gun

Create Content with Me

Recently, while engaged in personal activities, I was approached by an attractive individual with fair hair who sought assistance in navigating their surroundings.


Following my suggestion for Ann Joy to utilise a taxi service, an unforeseen development occurred when she proposed a monetary transaction in which she requested my involvement in the production of adult content.

Certainly, I consented, and the attractive individual from Europe escorted me to a remote setting where she revealed her beautifully proportioned breasts and showcased her posterior adorned with a thong.

In Public Agent Create Content with Me,  Ann engaged in self-stimulation using a vibrating device, while I proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse with the individual exhibiting nymphomaniac tendencies, assuming a rear-entry position commonly referred to as doggy-style.

Subsequently, I proceeded to insert my erect phallus into Ann’s groomed vaginal canal while assuming the missionary position on the floor.

Following this, she assumed a doggy-style position, engaging in further sexual intercourse until I ejaculated a substantial volume of semen into her oral cavity.

Fucking the Sexy Barista Molly Devon

Fucking the Sexy Barista
Molly Devon, Martin Gun

Fucking the Sexy Barista

During a recent encounter at a drive-thru, I placed an order for coffee and engaged in conversation with the aesthetically pleasing barista who afterwards delivered my cup.


Molly Devon’s income from her occupation was not substantial, prompting me to propose a monetary incentive in euros for her participation in a scenario including her presence within my vehicle and the display of her breasts.

She consented, and upon observing her modest, firm breasts, I developed a desire to further explore her diminutive physique.

I provided her with additional monetary compensation and transported her to a remote location, where she engaged in oral stimulation of my erect phallus.

In Public Agent Fucking the Sexy Barista, both parties experienced sexual arousal, leading Molly to assume a bent-over position, protruding her posterior in an appealing manner, signalling a desire for vigorous sexual intercourse in the standing doggy style position.

Subsequently, the slender individual with dark hair engaged in sexual activity by assuming the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, followed by assuming a spread-legged position, whereupon I proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse with her in the missionary position on the floor.

During the climax, Molly manually stimulated me till I ejaculated, resulting in the release of seminal fluid onto her facial region.

Public Agent Caught in the Act Zeynep Rossa

Caught in the Act
Zeynep Rossa, Martin Gun

Public Agent Caught in the Act

I was walking back to my car when I noticed that someone had left behind an ass and pussy masturbating toy!


It looked to be in good condition, and since no one was around, I got my cock out and started fucking it until I was interrupted by beautiful Czech babe Zeynep Rossa.

Embarrassed at being caught, I offered Zeynep 100 euros, which she accepted. I could tell that she liked the look of my big dick, so I asked if she would be willing to show me her boobs for more money.

After flashing me her nice, juicy tits, the sexy brunette got on her knees and gave me a fantastic blowjob!

I was horny for some real pussy, so I slipped Zeynep a few extra euros, and she let me bang her tight snatch doggystyle and missionary!

In Public Agent Caught in the Act, her big titties bounced up and down when she rode me in cowgirl, then when it was time to cum, she jerked me off until I covered her in a hot, sticky facial!