Levelling up their fuck game Annabel Redd

Levelling up their fuck game
Annabel Redd, Jimmy Michaels, Jamie Knoxx

Levelling up their fuck game

When “Coach” (Jamie Knox) sees Jimmy Michaels eating Annabel Redd’s pussy in the bathroom, he determines to (ahem) level up their fuck game.


The couple’s activities progress to a massage table in another room, underneath which coach has hidden for an unobstructed view of Annabel Redd’s tits while Jimmy makes ’em swing.

When Jimmy leaves for a breather, Coach reveals himself to Annabel, putting her through a wringer of extreme positions before Jimmy returns — hiding just in time.

During Levelling up their fuck game, when Jimmy and Annabel get back to boning, Coach can’t help himself and pops his head up to encourage Jimmy.

It’s a positive learning experience, and the duo brings Annabel to a BBG, cum-drenched finale. New level achieved!