BangBros Happy Endings CJ Miles

BangBros Happy Endings
CJ Miles and Peter Green

Bang Bros Happy Endings

When Peter the masseuse arrives for his 3 o’clock appointment, the bombshell CJ Miles is there to greet him at the door. Because she is so beautiful, he can hardly get his words out.


She tells him that he is free to set up while she goes to the toilet and gets cleaned up. I can’t fathom why she would say that. Now every time he gets in the shower, all he can do is think about her. He can’t help but take a peek.

CJ notices that he is looking and makes the decision to put on a show for him. When it’s time for the massage, the tease isn’t over yet, though. She desires a naked massage, and he must focus on her problem areas during the session.

Her posterior as well as her tits. Peter is unable to control his peter, which results in his trousers becoming quite loose. CJ is more than happy to assist him with the areas in which he is having difficulty.

In BangBros Happy Endings, he takes the raging hard on that she handed him and she puts her lovely lips to work on it as he pulls it out of his pocket.

After that, he starts handing it to her like she’s some kind of fuckdoll baby the kind of fucking that her stunning body so richly merits.

The end outcome is that she ended up with faeces all over her gorgeous face. It would appear that Peter is the one who gets his happy ending