Horny for the Roommate Ashlyn Peaks

Horny for the Roommate
Ashlyn Peaks and John Legendary

Horny for the Roommate
Ashlyn Peaks

Ashlyn Peaks was engaged in personal hygiene, cleansing her ample bosom, when she experienced a surge of sexual desire towards her cohabitant.


She summoned him to join her in the shower and requested his assistance in cleansing her back. John Legendary initially felt reserved about the matter, but soon developed an appreciation for the prominent posterior and substantial bosom.

While engaging in the act of applying soap to her body, he experienced a heightened state of sexual arousal. Ashlyn evidently observed the situation and volunteered to assist with his discomfort.

She began to cleanse his genitalia, followed by performing oral stimulation, and afterwards engaging in sexual intercourse. They engaged in sexual activity in the shower throughout the duration.

The most aesthetically pleasing visual was observed when her breasts exhibited a bouncing motion during the reverse cowgirl position.

Engaging in sexual intercourse with her was highly pleasurable for John, resulting in his ejaculation inside her. Gradually, his seminal fluid was seeping out from her vaginal cavity.