The Jealous Boyfriend Mia Trejsi

The Jealous Boyfriend
Mia Trejsi, Steve Q, Michael Fly

The Jealous Boyfriend

Upon their arrival at the Fake Hostel, Michael Fly, a physically robust individual, and his stunning Ukrainian partner, Mia Trejsi, are escorted to their designated room by the innkeeper, Steve Q.


It is worth noting that during this interaction, Steve Q engages in voyeuristic behaviour, surreptitiously observing Mia as she engages in oral stimulation of Michael’s rather large phallus.

Michael reciprocates by engaging in oral sex with the one possessing dark hair, followed by manual stimulation, and ultimately penetrating them with his erect phallus.

In an attempt to possess Mia exclusively, Steve manipulates Michael into leaving the shared accommodation, thereafter assuming his position and engaging in sexual activity with Mia, specifically focusing on her pierced lips, while adopting a doggy-style position.

In Fakehub The Jealous Boyfriend, Mia engages in sexual activity with two individuals who possess well-endowed genitalia. She transitions between copulating with them, assuming a cowgirl position on Steve’s substantial phallus until her attractive male partner returns.

Subsequently, she expeditiously dismounts from Steve and proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with Michael.

Following engaging in sexual intercourse in the missionary position with Steve, it is now Michael’s turn to receive oral stimulation on his penis from the attractive nymph until he ejaculates right into her mouth.

Backpackers From Outer Space

Backpackers From Outer Space
Mia Trejsi, Kaira Kampen, Steve Q

Backpackers from outer space

From deep within space, an asteroid fast approaches before entering Earth’s atmosphere and penetrating the Fake Hostel.


When Steve Q goes to investigate the source of the disturbance, he discovers two beautiful backpackers checking in from another galaxy!

After handing over some money for a room, the alien lifeforms get into position on the bed and instruct Steve that they require human sperm!

The grey-haired hunk willingly obliges and begins eating out their bald pussies, and then the tattooed blonde and athletic brunette return the favour by treating Steve to a sensational double blowjob!

With his cock hard and ready to fuck, the attractive extraterrestrials take turns riding it while playing with each other’s big boobs, before sticking out their nice, firm asses and inviting their host to bang them in doggy position!

In Fake Hostel Backpackers From Outer Space, an out of this world threesome ensues, which ends with the busty babes kneeling down submissively as Steve jerks a creamy load into their open mouths.

Their mission complete, the sexy babes depart the hostel via a mysterious portal, with Steve following in hot pursuit… Will the cum-hungry asteroid strike again? Stay tuned!