BangBros Rubbing Oil Over Big Booty

BangBros Rubbing Oil Over Big Booty
Harley Dean and Johnny Love

BangBros Rubbing Oil Over Big Booty

Johnny is starving and wants some eggs for breakfast, but he doesn’t have any oil to fry them in. He goes to Harley’s residence to check and see if she has any in her possession.


He knocks on her door, but she does not answer when he speaks to her. Because he can see her car parked in the driveway, he is aware that she is at home.

The problem is that she is currently rubbing her clit and she does not want anyone to interrupt her while she is doing it. Johnny’s appetite has no limits, and he won’t stop banging until he gets some food.

At some point, Harley makes her way to the entrance, only to slam the door in Johnny’s face when she gets there. Once more, he is adamant and continues to knock on the door repeatedly.

She walks in, and just as she is about to hand him the bottle of oil, she has a change of heart and instead invites him inside so that he can spread oil all over her huge and lovely behind.

He starts rubbing it and eventually makes his way into her hot pussy. He rubs it. After a brief session during which she was oiled up, she immediately went down on his dick and gave him the best blowjob he’s ever received.

Johnny does not waste any time and immediately begins to fuck her as if there is no tomorrow. When she gets on his dick, she makes her big ass bounce all over his large dick by jumping on it.

Everything culminated in Johnny dispensing his load all over her lovely face.