So Much Ass For The Neighboor

So Much Ass For The Neighboor
Anais Amore, Kali Roses, Peter Green

So Much Ass For The Neighboor

Peter, driven by his innate curiosity, ventured forth to observe the activities of his neighbours.


To his astonishment, he discovers them engaging in the act of applying oil to their bodies and moving their remarkable buttocks in a rhythmic manner.

He endeavours to conceal himself from their view within the foliage, in order to avoid detection. However, the individual in question ultimately faces apprehension.

The individuals in question express a positive sentiment towards the fact that he was observing. For some days, it has been established that he has been under observation, and there is a desire for him to engage in activities with them.

Initially, he has a slight sense of nervousness and surprise. However, how can he refuse such a large number of opportunities for intimate encounters?

Both super babes escort him indoors, where they engage in an intimate encounter that surpasses all previous experiences.

The sexy ladies engage in oral activities, followed by reciprocal oral stimulation, and engage in sexual intercourse in various positions until ejaculation occurs on both of their facial regions.

Well-Cum to the Horny Neighbor Association CJ Miles, Alex Mack

Well-Cum to the Horny Neighbor Association
CJ Miles, Alex Mack

Well-Cum to the Horny Neighbor Association

CJ Miles and her oblivious husband are an enthusiastic HOA committee couple welcoming their new neighbour (Alex Mack) to the area!


When CJ accidentally catches sight of Alex’s massive freshly-showered hog, she doesn’t regret aggressively letting herself in, and her visit becomes a desperately horny mission.

Alex can practically taste the excitement oozing out of CJ’s pussy, and she manages to suck his clandestine cock behind the kitchen counter while her husband mills around the place.

In Brazzers Well-Cum to the Horny Neighbor Association, the couple’s antics migrate to the bedroom, where Alex sucks and fucks CJ’s eager pussy, before returning to the kitchen. CJ’s husband catches them – right as Alex coats her tongue in cum!