XXX Video Editor YouTube Channel

I’m now on YouTube!  I’ve finally decided to take the leap and put myself out there for the world to see by creating a XXX Video Editor YouTube Channel.

XXX Video Editor on YouTube

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I know it’s going to be difficult indeed to keep the channel alive and not get banned within 5 minutes of going live, but I believe that if I do not mention the word ‘porn’, I should be Ok.

I have seen plenty of world famous pornstars have successful YouTube accounts so I just need to be very strict with myself when I record my upcoming content.

In the short term, I’ll be looking at recording some hints and tips when it comes to video editing in general as well as creating video editing tutorials.  I know that there are hundreds of video editing channels on YouTube, but I’m hoping that with my background, my videos will have a little more edge to them.

Over time, and if I don’t get banned, I’m hoping to record interviews with other people in the adult industry.  This will include pornstars, colleagues and ex-colleagues that I have work with in the past.

I have actually worked for some well-known YouTubers in the past including Sommer Ray, Vitaly and Aaron Wissabi to name a few.  I think I picked a few hints and tips about recording YouTube videos to be able to generate views and subscribers.

For my XXX Video Editor YouTube Channel, any type of collaboration in the future will also be very welcome.

Obviously, I won’t be able to use any content that passes through my hands.  I’m well aware that I do not own any adult material of my own.  I won’t even be able to use any non-nude material that I do not own.

So the challenge for me is to generate content without mentioning porn, without using other peoples material, without getting banned…shouldn’t be a problem, should it?