Gloves Off She Wants Your Box

Gloves Off She Wants Your Box
Sadie Pop and Valerica Steele

Gloves Off She Wants Your Box

Individuals adorned with tattoos Valerica Steele and Sadie Pop are prepared to engage in a confrontational encounter within the confines of a ring.

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However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when Sadie forcefully strikes Valerica in the chest region, resulting in a disruption of the previously established expectations and outcomes.

Valerica proceeds to bring Sadie to the ground, prompting the referee to eject her from the match. However, Sadie has a positive response to this action.

In Gloves Off She Wants Your Box, she discreetly accompanies Valerica to the locker room and engages in self-stimulation. When Valerica successfully apprehends her misbehaving adversary, she asserts her dominance over Sadie in accordance with her desires.

This involves forcefully tearing apart Sadie’s shorts to engage in digital stimulation, as well as assuming a seated position on Sadie’s face, followed by engaging in a scissoring manoeuvre.