Brazzers Hot Nurse Cheats Her Stress Away

Brazzers Hot Nurse Cheats Her Stress Away
Yasmina Khan and Jordi El Nino Polla

Brazzers Hot Nurse Cheats Her Stress Away

The stunning Yasmina Khan makes her Brazzers porn debut in Brazzers Hot Nurse Cheats Her Stress Away.

After working a long shift at the hospital, Yasmina Khan finally makes it home. After giving her spouse a kiss, she goes upstairs to the bathroom in order to take a bath.


The seductive Yasmina is ready to have her stress melt away, but her slacker husband is so inattentive to her needs!

She sends some steamy pictures to her boyfriend in the closet, Jordi El Nino Polla, while she is in the bathtub, and she gets him to come over and slip in with her.

As Yasmina makes her way down the corridor to meet Jordi, she flaunts her incredible, large tits and juicy ass as she has just emerged from the bathroom.

Jordi satisfies Yasmina’s desire for a full and robust cock, which is precisely what she needs to relax, and he has just what she’s seeking for!

Brazzers Puffy Pregnant Pussy & The Hot Midwife

Brazzers Puffy Pregnant Pussy & The Hot Midwife
Riley Reign, Kazumi and Scott Nails

Brazzers Puffy Pregnant Pussy & The Hot Midwife

Kazumi is currently hormonal and pregnant. Because of this, her husband Scott and her midwife Riley had to constantly adjust their behaviour around Kazumi in order to accommodate her ever-changing moods.


Within the space of a few minutes, she can shift from being aroused to bored and then back to being dripping wet. Scott is all twisted up as a result of all of this going back and forth!

He makes a bold move on the overworked midwife, but it turns out to be successful despite the fact that he was not thinking clearly.

Now that Kazumi wants to get fucked as well, we could have a wild threesome on our hands!

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers Puffy Pregnant Pussy & The Hot Midwife

Riley Reign

If you want a relationship with Riley Reign, you had better have a large dick and know how to use it!

Riley claims that she enjoys getting fucked like a slut and that she is looking for a man who isn’t afraid to spank her lovely peach when he is striking it from the back.

She says she likes to get fucked like a slut. Being strong and ripped enough to take up this toned and weightlifting girl, complete with her natural double Ds, and toss her around a bit is also more than welcome!

Riley is a natural nympho who simply cannot get enough dick, and she is generous enough to share all of her sexiest sexcapades with her millions of followers right here in a scene called Brazzers Puffy Pregnant Pussy & The Hot Midwife.


Kazumi was born in Kuwait to strict Filipino parents and spent the majority of her life in California, where she believes herself to be a local.

The one-time aspiring chef and screenwriter, also known as “Kazumi Squirt,” dropped out of film school to pursue a career in front of the cameras as one of the industry’s sexiest pornstars.

And with her first pay cheque, the curvy babe treated herself to a wonderful new pair of boobs!

Kazumi is now loving the freedom and financial independence she has gained from her line of work after growing up in a strict environment where she wasn’t allowed to step outside unless she was with family or going to school, and she has no intention of giving up the expensive lifestyle she has created for herself.

The stunning brunette isn’t one to take shortcuts, and her success as a content creator is proof of her dedication and hard work.

Kazumi, who describes herself as a giver, enjoys the company of guys and enjoys making them horny and feel good about themselves, which enhances her own self-esteem.

Kazumi is hot and effervescent in her amazing scene above called Brazzers Puffy Pregnant Pussy & The Hot Midwife.

Ass-isted Living Nurse Does Anal SlimThick Vic

Ass-isted Living Nurse Does Anal
SlimThick Vic, Hollywood Cash, Shaundam

Ass-isted Living Nurse Does Anal

At the assisted living facility where SlimThick Vic works as a nurse, she does all in her power to make the patients feel as though they are living in their own homes.

The orderly, Hollywood Cash, has had a crush on Slimthick for some time and is patiently waiting for the opportunity to ask her out on a date.

When Hollywood witnesses an older resident pinching Slimthick’s ass and rubbing up against her lovely tits, he decides he’s had enough of the town and leaves.

Hollywood assumes the identity of the elderly guy and relaxes as Slimthick lavishes attention on him in his guise.

The game is up, however, as eager Slimthick uncovers Hollywood’s erect cock while he is hiding beneath the blankets.

Ass-isted Living Nurse Does Anal, Hollywood is in luck because precisely what she’s been looking for—a large, thick cock in Slimthick’s incredible ass—is about to come her way.

Pornstar Featured in Ass-isted Living Nurse Does Anal

SlimThick Vic

Although she also goes by the name “Vic Marie,” her admirers might find it simpler to recall the curvaceous blonde bombshell’s porn alias “SlimThick Vic” since it so perfectly captures her delicious figure.

Her magnificent bubble butt will have you in awe despite having huge, bouncing tits and a small but tight waist. If you stop by and don’t be scared to stare: Vic loves to show off her ASSets!

That booty looks wonderful in a thong on the beach, and even better when she throws it back on a large cock!

Nurse Uniforms: The Cheeky Medical Fetish That’s Good for Your Health

Ah, the nurse uniform: it’s a classic outfit that has been a staple in the world of sex and kink for yonks.

Sexy Nurse Uniform with Tits Hanging Out

While some folks might find it a bit odd to get turned on by medical gear, for others, it’s an absolute belter of a turn-on.

So, what is it about the nurse uniform that gets folks’ pulse racing and temperatures soaring? Let’s explore, shall we?


First off, there’s the whole power dynamic thing going on. When someone puts on a nurse uniform, they’re automatically imbued with authority and responsibility.

They become the caregiver, the one who is there to make things better. And for some people, being the patient in this scenario is a real thrill.

They get to surrender control and let the nurse take the reins, administering whatever treatment is needed.

Here are some great Nurse Uniform Porn Videos to Enjoy.

Of course, there’s also the visual aspect of the nurse uniform. Those crisp, white tops and skirts, adorned with red crosses and other medical insignia, are a feast for the eyes.

And let’s not forget about the accessories: the stethoscope, the syringe, the gloves. These little touches can add a whole new level of naughtiness to the proceedings.

But it’s not just about the looks. The nurse uniform also represents care and nurturing, two things that can be incredibly sexy.

The idea of being tended to by someone who is caring for your every need can be a huge turn-on.

And for those who are into more taboo fantasies, the nurse uniform can also represent a sort of forbidden love, as the caregiver-patient relationship is one that is typically off-limits in the medical world.

And let’s be real here: there’s also the fact that nurses are often portrayed as being incredibly sexy in popular media.

From naughty nurse Halloween costumes to TV shows like “Scrubs” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” nurses are often depicted as being attractive, confident, and in control. It’s no wonder that the image of a nurse can be such a potent sexual fantasy for so many people.

In conclusion, the nurse uniform is a classic sexual fantasy for a reason. It represents power, care, and sexiness all rolled into one.

So, whether you’re looking to spice up your love life with your partner or you just want to indulge in a bit of medical roleplay solo, donning a nurse uniform might just be the prescription you need to feel better in all sorts of ways.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go lie down for a bit.

All this talk about naughty nurses has got me feeling a bit lightheaded!

Brazzers I Just Want To Love You starring Angela White

I Just Want To Love You
Angela White, Isiah Maxwell

Brazzers I Just Want To Love You

Hot nurse Angela White is obsessed with married doctor Isiah Maxwell who, after a one-night stand, ghosted her.


Busty Angela takes things into her own hands and ties Isiah up in one of the hospital rooms.

In Brazzers I Just Want To Love nurse Angela White teases him until she can’t take it anymore, but Angela isn’t through with Isiah yet.

Just when he’s reached his breaking point, Angela says they can fuck on one condition, Isiah must tell her he loves her.

Too horny to take it, Isiah caves and says the magic words. Angela undoes his restraints and tells Isiah he can have her any way he wants!

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers I Just Want To Love You

Angela White

One of the most outspoken and intelligent pornstars in the biz, Angela White is the perfect representative for the XXX community.

This brilliant (and busty!) university grad has made it her personal mission to expand society’s acceptance of adult entertainment while making people everywhere more comfortable with their sexuality.

For Angela, the first step to making the world a friendlier place for sex workers was to use her real name as her stage name, taking a stand for herself and her right to be a sexual, powerful, and independent woman.

This all-natural Aussie is happy with the choices that led her to porn, and she wants everyone to know it.

Ever since her 2003 debut, Angela has been garnering great enthusiasm over her big tits and juicy ass.

Now, over a decade later, AVN Hall of Famer Miss White is still going strong, picking up awards like candy on her path to total porn domination.

Isiah Maxwell

One look at Isiah Maxwell and you’ll probably be able to guess why ladies line up to get a piece of him.

Between his six pack abs, broad shoulders, and big cock, he’s got everything it takes to make any woman, from teen slut to MILF seductress, start to crave some Isiah.

But his chiseled physique and big swingin’ dick aren’t the only keys to Isiah’s success!

A strongly motivated hard worker, Isiah worked his way to the top on both sides of the camera, working to help his fellow porn stars as a talent agent when he’s not busy busting nuts all over town.

Also known for his friendly and kind demeanor, Isiah’s Twitter bio really says it all: “Proving nice guys can finish first, one girl at a time.”

Nurse LaSirena’s Massage LaSirena69, Scott Nails

Nurse LaSirena’s Massage
LaSirena69, Scott Nails

Nurse LaSirena's Massage

Nurse LaSirena needs some real relaxation after a long shift, so she treats herself to a foot massage.


Once hot masseur Scott Nails gets his hands on her toes, she wants him to touch more of her.

LaSirena takes everything off and stretches out on the table for him to stroke her legs and butt, then turns over. Soon Scott is rubbing her big pierced boobs and her clit!

In Nurse LaSirena’s Massage LaSirena gets a real full-body massage as Scott fucks her pussy and her tits and relieves all her stress.

Sexy Nurse with Big Tits Gives a Man in a Wheelchair a Blowjob

Stunning nurse in uniform performs oral sex to a man in a wheelchair.

Blowjob in a wheelchair

Sexy Nurse with Big Tits Gives a Man in a Wheelchair a Blowjob.  This is Kagney Linn Karter at her very best.


Dressed in a sexy white PVC nurses uniform, she happily bends forward and sucks this guy’s big cock.

The man in the wheelchair cannot believe his luck.  His throbbing cock is sent deep down a hot nurses throat.

Did you see Double Blonde Domme Fantasy?

Pervy Practices Part 1 and Part 2 Lulu Chu

Pervy Practices Part 1 and Part 2
Lulu Chu


Aria Lee, the slutty sperm clinic nurse, is determined to collect Zac Wild’s sample, and she’ll wrangle him away from his oblivious girlfriend to do it!

Leaving her the waiting room, Aria cheekily takes advantage of her exam-room privacy, teasing Zac with her beautiful asshole while she sucks his swollen cock.


When her equally-pervy supervisor (Lulu Chu) joins in, sperm collection becomes imminent as the nurses work in tandem to suck, fuck, and ride his face and cock.

Making all that noise and wasting nary a drop into the sample cup, the real question is: What will Zac’s girlfriend think when she walks in?

Lulu Chu’s sperm clinic is top-rated, and she’s got a waiting room full of eager guys aching to drain their swollen balls.


She directs her enthusiastic patients to various rooms, sucking them, stroking them, and directing their cum into their properly-designated containers.

It’s exhausting work going in and out of those rooms, so Lulu decides to double take on Mazee the Goat and Alex Jones simultaneously — work smart and hard!


Lulu uses her expertise to milk their coveted sperm samples, her mouth, and pussy working their cocks with equal measure.

The work is challenging but rewarding, and Lulu’s cum-spattered sample cups are proof!