Surprise! It’s Real Pussy Squirt!

Surprise! It’s Real Pussy Squirt!
Kayla Kayden, Giselle Amore

Kayla Kayden and Giselle Amore - Surprise! It’s Real Pussy Squirt!

In Giselle Amore’s Brazzers debut called Surprise! It’s Real Pussy Squirt! she wishes she took a snorkel along with her.

Kayla Kayden is a hot prankster who loves shocking her male roommate by flashing her big tits in his face.


This doesn’t really get him going, since he knows Kayla is also the type to steal his girlfriends right out form under him.

Today his new girlfriend Giselle Amore is coming over, and he doesn’t want Kayla going anywhere near her. Kayla takes the hint and heads to the bedroom to play with a fake pussy.

When Kayla realises she left her VR goggles in the living room, she sneaks in to snag them and while she’s there, flashes Giselle behind her roomie’s back.

Giselle takes the bait and heads to Kayla’s room for some fun. Giselle replaces Kayla’s fake pussy with her real one, and squirts all over her goggles.

From there it’s a game of hide the girlfriend from the roommate, and Kayla scores another hot pussy to fuck.

Pornstars Featured in Surprise! It’s Real Pussy Squirt!

Kayla Kayden

If the first thing you notice about Kayla Kayden is her dark eyes inviting you to get lost in her erotic scenes, then you’re not alone.

Since her debut in porn, Kayla has racked up a loyal following of fans who can’t get enough of her huge, bouncing breasts or her smoldering beauty. Kayla has embraced the chance to make money being her horny self on camera.

And with every year she spends shooting erotica, Kayla has come to love the whole process even more, and mastered the art of positioning her body in front of the camera to tease and please her fans.

One day, she sees herself in the directing chair, pumping out the kind of content that keeps fans coming back for more.

In her scenes, Kayla enjoys jumping on top and riding cock the best because it hits her sweet spots and brings her breathlessly to the edge of intense orgasms.

Especially after delivering one of her renowned sloppy blowjobs, Karla loves the taste of cum, and considers it a reward for a job well done.

Kayla’s ultimate fantasy shoot involves grabbing two well-hung guys and topping from the bottom as she tells them exactly how to overwhelm her with passionate lust and give her pleasure.

Giselle Amore

Spanish-speaking glamor puss Giselle Amore is a petite powerhouse from the West Coast who loves showing off her tatted-up hot body in a skimpy bikini.

Following her camming popularity, the former dancer found her way into hardcore porn territory, where she has since gained a reputation for her erotic foot jobs and lesbian content.

With a small waist, tight ass, and big, perky boobs that are 100% natural, Giselle is sure to steal the attention in any scene, while her bombshell good looks and vivacious sex drive make this porn starlet one of the major up-and-cumming contenders in the biz.

When she isn’t busy shooting smut, Giselle likes to stay in shape hiking and going to the gym, and the bespectacled babe also enjoys winding down after a day of romping around on set by listening to live music and spending time with her adorable pet dog.

Check out this beautiful starlet in her sexy debut scene called Surprise! It’s Real Pussy Squirt!

Squeaky Clean Squirting Tiffany Watson, Amari Anne

Squeaky Clean Squirting
Tiffany Watson, Amari Anne

Squeaky Clean Squirting

It’s cleaning lady Tiffany Watson’s first day at a new house, but teen Amari Anne gives her some trouble.


After first calling her a loser, Amari pours a glass of milk on the kitchen floor and tells Tiffany to clean it up!

But while the blonde cleaner gets on her hands and knees to scrub, the horny teen records her on her phone, secretly playing with herself as she watches.

She then retreats to her room to use a vibrator on her pussy as she replays the video. Tiffany catches her and gives Amari what she wants, eating her pussy and scissoring.

In Squeaky Clean Squirting, they use the vibe on each other, and Amari makes the sexy cleaner squirt!

Shock Factor Angel Youngs, Jasmine Wilde

Shock Factor
Angel Youngs, Jasmine Wilde

Shock Factor

Naughty cam girl Angel Youngs is making another dirty video for her fans, playing with her big natural tits as she tells them how horny she is and sucking a dildo.


Her roommate, Jasmine Wilde, overhears and can’t help staying to watch, even playing with her pussy.

When Angel catches her, she tells Jasmine to say hi to the fans and beg for a cock in her mouth, then sluts her out, sliding the toy in Jasmine’s pussy.

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In Reality Kings Shock Factor, soon Jasmine is fingering her blonde roommate’s ass and putting Angel’s extensive toy collection to very good use.

My Turn To Fuck The Babysitter Krissy Knight, Sandy Love

My Turn To Fuck The Babysitter
Krissy Knight, Sandy Love

My Turn To Fuck The Babysitter

Sandy Love can’t believe her eyes when she finds her blonde babysitter, Krissy Knight, has emailed a nude video to her husband!


In My Turn To Fuck The Babysitter, she emails back asking Krissy to come over right away so she can catch her in the act. But Krissy’s surprised when she shows up and finds the MILF waiting in a strap-on!

Watch The Anal Coach

This time it’s Sandy’s turn to fuck the babysitter, and Krissy takes that strap, then they scissor. The babysitter cums so hard, she’ll definitely be cumming back to Sandy from now on.

Show Me Your Nudes Bella Blu, Scott Nails

Show Me Your Nudes
Bella Blu, Scott Nails

Show Me Your Nudes

When Scott Nails happens to see his hot, tattooed roommate Bella Blu taking selfies in her latex lingerie.


He can’t help watching, and even steals her phone so he can sneak to his room and enjoy the pictures at his leisure.

When Bella comes back and discovers it’s missing, she’s got a pretty good idea who took it, and catches Scott with her phone in one hand and his dick in the other.

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She tells him to keep going and soon gives him a close-up of her big tits and pussy as she 69s him, then rides his dick.

Big Tits Lesbian Threesome in Gym Lena Love, Jennifer Mendez, Emily Bright

Big Tits Lesbian Threesome in Gym
Lena Love, Jennifer Mendez, Emily Bright

Big tits lesbian threesome in gym

Busty babes Jennifer Mendez, Emily Bright, and Lena Love get changed together before heading into the Fitness Rooms for a steamy workout session.


After doing a few sexy squats, the ladies are in the mood for a hot lesbian threesome! Jennifer and Lena worship Emily’s big fake tits, then horny nympho Lena gets on her knees to eat out the stunning blonde’s tight hole.

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The Russian beauty moans with pleasure as she sits on Emily’s face for a tongue fucking while inked-up Jennifer fingers the gorgeous Czech.

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In Big Tits Lesbian Threesome in Gym, afterwards, the curvy brunette and Lena do some scissoring, then they play with Emily’s pussy until she also cums hard!

Ladies Who Lunch Misty Stone, Ryan Reid, Bunny Madison

Twisty’s Ladies Who Lunch
Misty Stone, Ryan Reid, Bunny Madison

Ladies Who Lunch

Rich housewife Bunny Madison needs something new and exciting, and her girlfriend Misty Stone persuades her to try more than just a different lunch order when they see gorgeous waitress Ryan Reid.


The ladies bring Ryan home for some luxurious privacy and devour every bit of her as they break out of the monotony with a hot threesome.

Sneaky Lesbians Flash Tits Then Fuck

Sneaky Lesbians Flash Tits Then Fuck
Kira Perez, Willow Ryder, Ameena Greene

Sneaky Lesbians Flash Tits Then Fuck

The weather is almost as hot as lesbians Ameena Green and Kira Perez are, and they’re out looking for ways to blow off some steam by flashing their tits for lucky bystanders!


When they spot hottie Willow Ryder, they just have to ask her to join them, and she shyly shows her perky little boobs.

In Sneaky Lesbians Flash Tits Then Fuck, they head indoors for some privacy to have more fun, and Kira surprises the babes with a strap-on to play with! It’s a perfect day for a threesome.