Reality Kings Emergency Threesome

Reality Kings Emergency Threesome
Jenna Starr, Roxie Sinner, James Angel

Reality Kings Emergency Threesome

Horny blonde EMT with a lot of attitude Jenna Star arrived at work without a bra on, and Roxie Sinner, Jenna’s equally hot brunette companion, is well aware of just what Jenna requires.


But right in the middle of the two babies sucking each other’s tits, they got a call about an emergency.

While Roxie is helping James Angel’s buddy into the ambulance, Jenna is calming James down, and then she puts him into the driver’s seat to suck his cock!

James Angel’s friend is in need of some assistance, and while Roxie is helping her, Jenna is helping James Angel’s friend.

After feeling left out for too long, Roxie becomes irritated and tells her partner to exchange roles.

When James’s friend turned out to be fine in the end, James made up for wasting the time of the attractive EMTs by having a threesome with them.

Pornstars Featured in Reality Kings Emergency Threesome

Jenna Starr

Jenna Starr’s smile has a special radiance that makes even the most hardened pervs soften.

Jenna’s 34DDs are anything but lonely, having been born and reared in Sacramento, California, with a few years spent in Texas. Jenna, a stunning bisexual blonde, has little trouble finding a playmate in this or any other inhabited galaxy.

This glowing, delectable lass’s future is brighter than all the stars in the sky, whether it’s fucking an orbiter in the ass with a strap-on or lifting females up to orbit. The constellation Starr can be seen in the scene called Reality Kings Emergency Threesome, above.

Roxi Sinner

“The forbidden has an allure that makes it indescribably desirable.” Although Mark Twain was discussing extravagance, his timeless words also wonderfully characterise the delectable Roxie Sinner.

Roxie can turn even the most steadfast saint into a slobbering fan with her killer features and all-natural 34DD large tits.

Roxie has a thick booty that captivates the imagination as she bounces it on a hard cock, and she rarely has difficulty finding what she prefers in a partner, a determined tongue.

Roxie enjoys toying with balls when she isn’t getting her pussy delighted by a queue of suitors that extends around the block.

This remarkable diva, a football aficionado and woman of many talents, can even move her ears! It’s wonderful to sin, so get your ticket, hop on the train and check out Roxie Sinner in the scene called called Reality Kings Emergency Threesome.