Reality Kings Messy Brat Learns Stepmom’s Rules

Reality Kings Messy Brat Learns Stepmom’s Rules
Lexi Luna and Madi Collins

Reality Kings Messy Brat Learns Stepmom's Rules

19-year-old redhead Madi Collins doesn’t bother to pick up her room before she takes some hot selfies and even records herself using a toy in her pussy.


Her new stepmom, Lexi Luna, is annoyed over the mess in Madi’s room, but when she catches her making an even bigger mess in the kitchen, it’s time to teach the teen a lesson!

In Reality Kings Messy Brat Learns Stepmom’s Rules, the brunette MILF pushes Madi against the wall and fingers her, then licks her before telling Madi to clean her pussy with her tongue.

They scissor and 69 on the counter, and Lexi makes Madi do whatever she says.

Pornstars in Reality Kings Messy Brat Learns Stepmom’s Rules

Lexi Luna

The adult business is shifting due of Lexi Luna’s celestial body. Lexi, who is originally from Florida, grew up always pushing herself to do her best, whether it was in school, dancing, or later in life, in the bedroom.

Of course, Lexi has always had racyter sexual fantasies than her friends; she now openly and fearlessly indulges in these delectable perversions.

And whether it’s adoring the long, fat cocks of her male co-stars and private fuck partners, exploring the bondage and submission lifestyle as an active mistress, or masturbating to the steely muscles of bodybuilders, Lexi is all about pushing the human body to its limits and lusting over the results.

You will be driven to the edge of your own desire after just one glance at the scenes featuring this lively vixen.

Madi Collins

Madi Collins, a red-haired spinner from Chicago, enjoys being picked up and manhandled by a guy.

At only 4’10” tall and 90 pounds wet, this is not a tough task. But you might be astonished to hear that Madi can pick you up straight back; it’s one of her favourite party tricks to pull when she’s out on the town.

You should be mindful that Madi is probably not wearing any pants if you hoist her up to sling her over your shoulder.

Meet ‘N’ Fuck Angie Lynx, Jordi El Nino Polla

Meet ‘N’ Fuck
Angie Lynx, Jordi El Nino Polla

Meet 'N' Fuck

Blonde Angie Lynx is horny, but her boyfriend Jordi El Nino Polla has a meeting in just a minute!


In Meet ‘N’ Fuck, Angie does everything she can to entice him, from rubbing his shoulders and chest to sitting in his lap.

Once the meeting starts she rubs one of his pens on her pussy and fucks her ass with it, then crawls under the desk to suck his cock!

His day job is no match for a blowjob, so Jordi signs off so he can fuck her ass doggystyle.

When his boss calls back, Angie will have to be very quiet as she rides his big dick!

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Angie Lynx

Make way for insatiable sex fanatic Angie Lynx, who is constantly on the prowl for bigger cocks to sit on, and juicer pussies to lick and play with!

The jaw-dropping, big-titted blonde is openly bisexual and gets a thrill from showing off her physical assets in public – especially her firm ass and gorgeous boobs!

When she isn’t enjoying some retail therapy, Angie likes to indulge in her other favourite pastime – her intense passion for fucking!

There are no limitations to what this curvy babe is willing to do in front of the camera – she will happily take a cock up her tight butthole, or have her mouth and pretty pussy doubly stuffed!

Make sure to check out this naughty minx and her incredible cock-sucking and pussy-licking skills in the Meet ‘N’ Fuck.

Lured In By Lexi Lexi Lore, Zac Wild

Lured In By Lexi
Lexi Lore, Zac Wild

Lured In By Lexi

Wearing a short pink dress Lexi Lore makes her 4th Brazzers appearance in 4 years.  Lexi is an outstanding looking blonde pornstar.  It is very surprising that she has only starred in 4 Brazzers videos in her porn career.


Don’t be fooled by this cute, blonde teen’s innocent face and braces — Lexi Lore is the kind of naughty nympho who has to buy her lube in bulk!

This slender babe is always seeking her next sexual adventure, whether that’s with a guy, a girl, or both at once, and her favourite thing is to invite hundreds of watchers into her bedroom to share the experience.

Although this cutie loves eating pussy and sucking dick all day long, Lexi also likes to play even dirtier games, indulging her BDSM fantasies both in private and in her webcam shows.

Although Lexi confesses she can be somewhat shy when it comes to chatting with fans, she’s got plenty of confidence about tossing back her thick, blonde mane and claiming her pervert status with pride!

This cutie proclaims, “Yes, I have a dirty mind and right now you’re running through it… naked.” Watch Lexi’s hot videos below now and she’ll soon be joining you!