Fuck Me Futanari Armani Black

Fuck Me Futanari
Armani Black and JMac

Fuck Me Futanari Armani Black

Gorgeous Armani Black is masturbating on the couch when, all of a sudden, she discovers she’s growing a penis.


That didn’t use to be there? Futanari! Horny Armani is amazed and confused, yet insanely turned on.

She jacks herself off and worships her new dick until her roommate comes in and busts her!

Dark-haired Armani’s roommate is equally confused by her new appendage but has a strong desire to suck on it.

In Fuck Me Futanari, Armani fucks her roommate right there on the living room couch, their big tits and fit bodies bouncing with every thrust.

Armani’s fantasy finally comes to an end, when she pops all over her beautiful roommate’s face

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