Fucking for Pizza Lady Gang

Fucking for Pizza
Lady Gang, Rocco Maltesi

Fucking for Pizza

Today, I placed an order for pizza to have for my midday meal. However, upon the arrival of the delivery person, Rocco Maltesi, I came to the realisation that I lacked the necessary funds to settle the payment.


I considered the possibility of compensating the Italian student through an alternative means, so I extended an invitation to Rocco to the rear of the counterfeit vehicle, where he was given the opportunity to engage with my substantial bosom.

I performed oral sex on his penis until it became erect, and then I positioned myself on Rocco’s lap while wearing a thong and engaged in sexual intercourse in the cowgirl position.

Subsequently, the individual with dark hair savoured the flavour of my vaginal secretions before engaging in sexual intercourse with me in the missionary position.

In Female Fake Taxi Fucking for Pizza, he proceeded to flip me over and vigorously penetrate me from behind in the doggy-style position.

Finally, I knelt down and manually stimulated Rocco’s genitals until my face became coated with his warm, viscous ejaculate.