MILF Ass-king For It Dana DeArmond

MILF Ass-king For It
Dana DeArmond and Max Fills

MILF Ass-king For It

Dana DeArmond possesses a high degree of confidence, nearing 100%, in her belief that her spouse is engaging in infidelity with their domestic staff.


Assuming the role of a seductive detective, she covertly observes his activities and afterwards presents her findings to Max Fills, the spouse of the housekeeper, as her version of the “truth.”

Dana persuades Max to participate in a deceptive cheating scheme of her own.

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Dana DeArmond

One example of a digital platform for social interaction that has been observed to feature explicit content involving individuals of notable public recognition is social media.

Dana Dearmond had engaged with the subject matter prior to its attainment of mainstream popularity. This is the reason she consistently identifies herself as “the girlfriend of the internet.”

This individual, who possesses a natural appearance, demonstrates a talent for surpassing conventional boundaries and beyond perceived physical limitations in her more intense performances.

Dana exerts increased pressure, engages in more profound penetration, and accommodates a greater number of phallic appendages than her bodily orifices can feasibly accommodate.

Dana DeArmond from the southern region possesses an aesthetically pleasing physique, which they regard with great reverence and care.

The most captivating aspect of her performances is in the gradual removal of her attire, which unveils her aesthetically pleasing bosom and voluptuous posterior.

In 2012, Dana received recognition for her portrayal of intimate scenes onscreen, as evidenced by her achievement of the AVN Award for Best Girl/Girl Scene.

This hot MILF clarifies that her evident enthusiasm for pornography stems from possessing a heightened sexual desire compared to the majority of individuals.

She articulates, “My fervour for engaging in this profession arises from my innate passion for performing, and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to pursue my lifelong passion.”