Lily Lou Needs a Happy Ending

Lily Lou Needs a Happy Ending
Lily Lou and Jay Bangher

Lily Lou Needs a Happy Ending

Lily Lou was anticipating the arrival of her usual massage therapist; however, she was surprised to find that Jay Bangher had been assigned as a substitute.


The individual was unaware that the attainment of a satisfactory resolution was necessary for her complete relaxation. The individual did not receive any indications, but instead made an effort to exhibit professionalism.

Ultimately, she found herself compelled to communicate her desires to him. Given his lingering indecision, she proposed a sequential arrangement wherein she would provide a massage to him initially, followed by his reciprocation in massaging her.

She applied oil on his penis and provided a massage to his testicles. Subsequently, it became her opportunity to proceed. He manually stimulated her genitalia, bringing her close to orgasm.

She informed him that she required his phallus for orgasmic release. They engaged in sexual intercourse.

She engaged in oral sex with him and engaged in sexual intercourse multiple times till Jay ejaculated upon her face.