Cheater Gets Taught A Lesson With Pussy

Cheater Gets Taught A Lesson With Pussy
Kira Noir and Spikey Dee

Cheater Gets Taught A Lesson With Pussy

Dr. Noir is a someone who exhibits exceptional professionalism and possesses a profound expertise in everything pertaining to human sexuality.


The client, referred to as Spikey, has arrived for a counselling appointment and hesitantly admits to engaging in infidelity inside his marital relationship. Kira have the knowledge and understanding to effectively alleviate his feelings of guilt.

Engaging in a kind of dominance with a focus on sexual elements may serve to reestablish Spikey’s position within the hierarchy.

She administers corporal punishment to Spikey and forcefully places her aesthetically pleasing toes in close proximity to his facial region. Kira engages in sexual intercourse with Spikey, providing explicit instructions on how to satisfy her.

Spikey is experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed, although he recognises the necessity and appropriateness of receiving this unconventional treatment from Dr. Noir.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Cheater Gets Taught A Lesson With Pussy

Kira Noir

Absolutely stunning Kira Noir is one of the sexiest pornstars to emerge in recent years.

Since her debut in 2015, this all-natural bombshell has been enchanting porn fans with her lovely face, natural breasts, and round booty, and she’s already garnered many award nominations, including AVN’s Best New Starlet in 2017.

Kira isn’t satisfied with just one type of porn; she like them all! This bisexual beauty adores women, so it’s no surprise that she excels at heating up the screen in lesbian situations; she’s also skilled at making her wonderful ass the star of her highly sensual anal scenes.

Kira, a goth at heart, sometimes enjoys letting her darker side out and pushing her boundaries with bondage and fetish play, and her admirers adore her in black leather! Keep an eye on Kira to see which team shows up today.

Brazzers A Very Stepmom Conundrum

Brazzers A Very Stepmom Conundrum
Katie Morgan, Ricky Spanish and Spikey Dee

Brazzers A Very Stepmom Conundrum

Katie is a new stepmom, just trying to please everyone – including her 2 new entitled stepsons, Ricky & Spikey.


The guys battle for their stepmom’s attention, each coming up with a diabolical injury ruse in an attempt to appeal to Katie’s nurturing side.

In Brazzers A Very Stepmom Conundrum, Katie having so much on her hands figures it’s better to tend to both these miscreants at the same time in a taboo threesome!

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers A Very Stepmom Conundrum

Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed bombshell whose signature high-pitched voice and enormous, phoney tits have been making dicks all over the world go crazy for years.

She’s one of the few porn starlets to attain actual mainstream fame, having starred in multiple HBO specials, including a documentary on her life, “Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed,” and even had a cameo in Kevin Smith’s film “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

Katie Morgan is a porn industry regular these days, having starred in over 250 films to date, but that wasn’t always the case for this lovely busty babe. Katie, the daughter of a conservative pastor, spent her whole academic career at home.

However, playing with the swinging scene reawakened the sex-deprived harlot within her! And, as a recent inductee into the famous AVN Hall of Fame, she’ll be regarded as one of porn’s brilliant lights for years to come!

Uncool Stepmom Gets A Threesome Christie Stevens, Kendall Kayden, Spikey Dee

Uncool Stepmom Gets A Threesome
Christie Stevens, Kendall Kayden, Spikey Dee

Uncool Stepmom

Kendall Kayden thinks her new stepmom is very uncool, but her boyfriend, Spikey Dee, thinks she’s pretty hot!


After Christie Stevens walks in on them during a blowjob, Spikey goes to find the blonde MILF in the kitchen so he can finally grab her booty, then ends up fucking her doggystyle!

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Spikey’s pulled in two directions at once when Kendall takes him to her room for more sex, but Christie follows and joins in.

In Reality Kings Uncool Stepmom Gets A Threesome it looks like Kendall does have something in common with her stepmom after all!

The Geek The Goth & The Tomboy Jessie Lee Codi Vore

The Geek, The Goth & The Tomboy
Jessie Lee, Codi Vore, Spikey Dee


Codi Vore is a shy tomboy with a secret crush on her geeky roommate Spikey Dee. Despite having big natural tits and a cute face, Codi is way too shy to make a move on him.


Codi’s other roommate Jessie Lee can see how badly Codi wants Spikey, so she decides to help. The tall, confident goth gets some alone time with Codi and teaches her how to kiss… and much, much more.

It’s not long before Spikey joins his hot roommates for a wild threesome, where Jessie teaches them both how to fuck.