Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies Aubree Valentine, Melissa Stratton

Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies
Aubree Valentine, Melissa Stratton

Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies

It’s sweltering hot outside as Aubree Valentine enjoys some alone time playing the game “fuck her pussy with a selfie stick, dildo.”


Suddenly, Aubree’s mother appears at the door to present Melissa Stratton, her new stepsister.

Knowing about Aubree’s perverse pastime, Melissa snatches her toy from behind Aubree’s mother’s back and then tempts Aubree to come collect it from her.

In Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies, Aubree finds Melissa mounting the suction dildo on the guest bedroom door when she follows the suction dildo.

Assuming control of the toy, Aubree cuts open Melissa’s  wet pussy and eats it.

Pornstars Featured in Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies

Aubree Valentine

Make no mistake: “Naughty Aubree” will fuck your girl. A curvy brunette with a bubble butt to die for, Aubree is one of the highest-paid social media models.

Aubree, a former waitress from Hurricane, Utah, relocated to Las Vegas to begin a career as a cam girl but soon switched to social media platforms to make significantly more money.

When Aubree isn’t taking selfies of her mouthwatering titties, she enjoys being outside fishing, hiking, dirt biking, and just unwinding.

The scene called Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies will show you why this wild Valentine will steal your heart.

Melissa Stratton

Melissa Stratton is a world-travelling former professional ballerina who claims she can talk to anyone about anything.

She brings her pleasant and amiable Midwestern demeanour with her wherever she goes.

If you’re fortunate enough to meet Melissa, she’ll probably start a discussion, and you’ll want to switch the subject as soon as you can to something dirty!

Ms. Stratton has her long, delicate fingers in a variety of pies, including those of an investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and camgirl, in addition to her pro-porn endeavours.

She’ll have you hanging on her every word and yearning for a taste!

Melissa Stratton makes her Brazzers debut in a video called Step Sibling Rivalry & Fucking Selfies.

Slutty Stepsisters Compete For Cock

Slutty Stepsisters Compete For Cock
Bella Rolland, Kendra Sunderland, Van Wylde

Slutty Stepsisters Compete For Cock

Both Bella Rolland, the new stepsister, and Kendra Sunderland, the older stepsister, have not fully internalised the concept that “sharing is caring.”


Things go from bad to worse when a hot motorbike rider named Van Wylde shows up at their house after a minor accident in order to use their phone.

They compete for his attention by pushing their tits in his face, feeling him up, and flirting with him until Kendra decides to step it up and begins sucking his dick!

Both ladies are desperate to be the one who fucks him, so they compete for his attention by doing these things.

In Brazzers Slutty Stepsisters Compete For Cock, Bella Rolland, not wanting to be outdone by her stepsister, Kendra Sunderland, shoves her out of the way and then begins to suckle Van as well.

Things quickly get out of hand, and before long Van is fucking both Kendra and Bella simultaneously as they compete for his cock.

Van waits until they are both wet and content before cumming on both of them, but not before letting them each have one more taste of his cock.