The BBC You Need Sladyen Skaya

The BBC You Need
Sladyen Skaya, Mr Longwood

The BBC You Need

Slayden Skaya ached to be left to her own devices and couldn’t wait.The entire week, she has been daydreaming about having a large, dark cock stuck up her behind.


The television will be turned on as soon as her flatmate leaves. She starts stretching her ass out very good with her enormous black dildo in her dildo.

Her flatmate unexpectedly walks in on her, which takes her by surprise. She describes her fixation on having a BBC in her a**, and he reassures her that he is more than willing to assist her in any way he can.

In Bang Bros The BBC You Need, he produces his BBC, she is astounded to see that he has been waiting for her the entire time. The speed with which she takes it in her mouth betrays the fact that he was already aware of the task.

As soon as it was good and firm, he began to pound her behind with it. He gave her a fuck in the ass and satisfied her to the utmost.

He proceeded to get all over her face and then gave her the assurance that she will no longer require her dildo since he will always be there for her.