The Big Prague Sausage Ellie Shou

The Big Prague Sausage
Ellie Shou

The Big Prague Sausage

When I noticed this hot blonde strolling the streets of Prague, I decided to give her a delicious creampie as a gift.


Ellie Shou thought I meant something different at first, and I could tell she had a dirty mind. I offered Ellie 200 euros to flash me her tits and ass, and just the sight of her hot body was making my dick hard.

We found a secluded place, where the filthy Brit got on her knees and treated me to a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob.

Ellie told me she’d never had a cock that big in her mouth before, and then the pierced nymph ripped open her fishnet stockings and invited me to fuck her from behind!

In Public Agent The Big Prague Sausage, Ellie bounced her tight pussy on my dick in cowgirl, which provided me with a beautiful view of her large natural boobs as they jiggled around.

Next, the dirty little minx moved her legs apart so that I could hit her while she was in the missionary position. After that, she wanked me off till I stuffed her mouth with sperm!