The Dirty Walk Home Cherry Candle

The Dirty Walk Home
Cherry Candle, Martin Gun

The Dirty Walk Home

During a leisurely stroll one day, I fortuitously encountered an aesthetically pleasing woman characterised by her vibrant red hair, who identified herself as Cherry Candle.


Cherry communicated to me that she was unable to utilise a taxi service due to her failure to catch her last train home and her insufficient funds. In a generous disposition, I suggested to Cherry the possibility of exchanging euros in return for her willingness to reveal her physique.

Cherry’s vibrant demeanour, adorned with piercings on her nipples, and her choice of attire featuring a thong, evoked a sense of arousal inside me.

Consequently, I made the decision to offer more financial compensation to Cherry, with the understanding that it would be in exchange for intimate acts. Cherry’s posterior was also adorned with a thong.

We identified a remote location in close proximity, and upon arrival, Cherry assumed a kneeling position to perform oral sex before assuming a squatting posture to engage in a consensual act involving a doggystyle.

In Public Agent The Dirty Walk Home, I engaged in sexual intercourse with an individual adorned with tattoos while they assumed the missionary position. This was then succeeded by a remarkable sexual encounter including a lateral posture on the floor.

The intense sensation experienced from Cherry’s vaginal muscles elicited a heightened state of pleasure, leading to the imminent release of ejaculatory fluids.

Through manual stimulation, I facilitated the process until climax was achieved, resulting in the dispersion of seminal fluid upon her very pleasing breasts.

The intense stimulation provided by Cherry’s genitalia elicited a strong physiological response, prompting the imminent release of seminal fluid.