The Employee Gets Dressed Down Charlotte Lavish

The Employee Gets Dressed Down
Charlotte Lavish and JMac

The Employee Gets Dressed Down

Charlotte Lavish exhibits unprofessional attire upon arriving at her workplace, neglects her job responsibilities in favour of engaging in the act of trying on items, and engages in provocative behaviour by dancing suggestively for customers.


Consequently, Jmac, her manager, has reached a point of dissatisfaction and frustration.

The individual summons Charlotte to a private area for a conversation, although the situation takes an unexpected turn when Charlotte removes her shorts and engages in intimate physical contact with him.

Charlotte is astounded by the substantial size of the male genitalia concealed beneath Jmac’s professional gear.

In response, she proceeds to orally stimulate it before assuming a doggy-style position, allowing for penetration and subsequent sexual intercourse.

Charlotte exhibits her commitment as she engages in sexual activity with her employer, demonstrating her willingness to accommodate his desires and get ejaculate on her face.

Pornstar Featured in Reality Kings The Employee Gets Dressed Down

Charlotte Lavish

Ms. Charlotte Lavish adores a soldier! If you wear a uniform to work every day or have access to a costume, Charlotte will be delighted to see you.

This buxom and busty babe like it when her fans buy her garments, so dress Charlotte up in anything your fancies want, and she’ll be sure to model it for you.

Charlotte looks gorgeous in whatever attire, the sexier the better, with her enormous tits and absolutely massive jiggly booty!