The Van Ends A Dry Spell Brooke Ivory

The Van Ends A Dry Spell
Brooke Ivory and Derek Savage

The Van Ends A Dry Spell Brooke Ivory

Therefore, here we are, coming up on Brooke just as she was getting off of work. It’s a good thing she didn’t find us anywhere like as weird as her neighbours do.


We initially mistook her for a stripper, but later discovered that she is having trouble making ends meet. It is fortunate that we are such decent guys and offer to assist her in solving her problem.

We give her a few bucks so that she can see her kitties, and we give her a few more dollars if she lets Derek keep her pants. Even when Derek shocks her by popping out of his butt naked, she is such a good sport and never complains.

She is honest about the fact that she has been going through a dry period and says that she will suck it if Derek wants her to. More than that, she does it while they are fucking all over the van.

It results in her having poop on her face. We take her back to a location that is not too far from where we originally picked her up. Her reward at the end for not being a spoilsport.