This is the Flirting Taxi Zuzu Sweet

This is the Flirting Taxi
Zuzu Sweet, Marco Bull

This is the Flirting Taxi

When I was out and about in the Fake Taxi, I picked up this strikingly good-looking Spanish gentleman by the name of Marco Bull.


I let the tall, dark-haired hunk know that during the day I work as a cab driver, and that at night I perform stripteases!

I extended an invitation to Marco to accompany him to the club where I perform, but I also wanted to give him a sneak peek, so I found a place to park and joined the ripped hunk in the rear of the cab.

Marco was excited to come along. When I was feeling hot, I took off my top and showed Marco my natural, perky tits. After that, I gave him an exquisite blowjob, and then I rode his rock-hard dick in cowgirl while he spanked my large, bouncing ass!

During Female Fake Taxi This is the Flirting Taxi, I got down on all fours and encouraged Marco to bang me while I was in the doggie position. After that, I stretched my legs apart and moaned in delight while the sexy European fucked me in the missionary position.

After a steamy side fuck, Marco backed away and wanked himself off until he was on my tongue.