Visions of Booty Willow Ryder

Visions of Booty
Willow Ryder, Peter Green

Visions of Booty
Willow Ryder

Willow Ryder decided to prepare for her final exam by enlisting the assistance of a tutor. However, after taking a peek at her posterior, he started thinking about something else entirely.


He started daydreaming about Willow’s gorgeous posterior region. During the course of the tutoring session, she had to bring him back to earth on multiple occasions.

It got to the point where he couldn’t control himself longer, and he started masturbating behind her while she turned around. In the end, she was successful in capturing him.

Willow’s initial reaction was one of shock, but she immediately came up with a solution that would be to everyone’s advantage. If they got it on, he’d be able to put all of his attention on the lesson from that point on.

That is precisely what they did in the end. Willow’s teacher helped her loosen up her tense pussy by stretching it in a variety of various postures.

Causing her to experience multiple orgasms while his dick repeatedly entered and exited her wet hole. In the end, he got right up in her gorgeous face and spunked into her mouth.

In Visions of Booty you will see Willow Ryder slamming her pussy all over a big fat cock.