Volleyballers Codi Vore Angie Faith

Codi Vore, Angie Faith, Dwayne Foxxx

Volleyballers Codi Vore Angie Faith

Codi and Angie may not be members of the same volleyball team, but they have similar qualities and characteristics.


Indolent, egocentric, and consistently unpunctual – these young women are the source of Coach Dwayne’s great frustration.

When he confronts the lazy individuals about their inappropriate conduct, the women rely on their physical attributes to create a more relaxed atmosphere through a highly energetic threesome.

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Codi Vore

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However, it is worth noting that the scene titled “Volleyballers” features prominently captivating female anatomy, particularly in the form of large breasts.

Angie Faith

Angie Faith, a young and talented pornstar, is quickly rising to stardom. Featuring an impressive physique, including large, three-dimensional assets, captivating green eyes, and an endearing, vibrant personality, this individual with blonde hair has gained a substantial following globally through her profession as a camgirl.

Additionally, she received a nomination for the Emerging Cam Star (Model’s Choice) award. Angie possesses a set of large, unenhanced breasts that are well-suited for enveloping a penis and stimulating it manually.

She claims to get greater satisfaction when her breasts are exposed. In addition to engaging in camming, Angie has a strong passion for cooking and practicing yoga during her free time.

The confident and attractive nymph demonstrates a willingness to explore novel experiences, extending beyond her sexual encounters. Angie recently engaged in a tandem skydiving, which she recorded for her followers to view.

During this event, she shared advice on how to fully appreciate the experience of engaging in sexual intimacy with a partner for the first time.

To witness Angie’s progression in her adult film profession, be sure to watch her performance in the scene titled “Volleyballers.”

Angie, a beautiful and daring individual, showcases her talents in this particular scene.