Wake Up Weary Travellers Eden Ivy Greta Foss

Wake Up Weary Travellers
Eden Ivy, Greta Foss and Steve Q

Wake Up Weary Travellers

Two travellers named Eden Ivy and Greta Foss encounter a situation upon entering the Fake Hostel where they observe Steve Q in a state of undress, with his genitalia exposed, while positioned at the front desk.


Upon arriving at their designated accommodation, Eden, a person adorned with tattoos, proceeds to engage in personal hygiene by taking a shower, oblivious to the fact that the host of the establishment, Steve, is surreptitiously observing her without her knowledge.

Steve surreptitiously enters Eden’s bed, enticed by her aesthetically pleasing natural breasts and groomed pubic area. Upon being discovered by the attractive brunette, he engages in a stimulating sexual encounter, characterised by a side position.

Subsequently, the individual with grey hair positions themselves in a manner that widens their legs and proceeds to engage in oral stimulation of the female genitalia, described as being moist and succulent.

Following this, Eden assumes a position on top and engages in sexual intercourse while adopting the cowgirl position. Finally, the act of fellatio is performed onto Eden.

Upon observing the unfolding events, Greta, a blonde individual with pierced features, elects to participate, so transforming the situation into a provocative encounter involving three individuals.

The individuals with a strong need for semen engage in a rotational process of performing oral sex and engaging in sexual intercourse with Steve, whose genitalia is notably lengthy and robust.

This process continues until Steve ejaculates onto Eden, at which point Greta, a visually appealing individual with shapely proportions, assumes a kneeling position to orally consume the ejaculate off her close friend’s facial area.