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What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Ashlyn Peaks, Jimmy Michaels

Irresistible MILF Ashlyn Peaks has been having a sexual encounter with Jimmy Michaels, who is a college friend of her son. Due to the fact that she has been so preoccupied with being cheated by a younger man, she hardly remembers (or even cares) what day it is presently.


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When Ashlyn’s son and daughter come to visit her on Mother’s Day to surprise her, she is caught off guard and orders her fuck buddy to sneak out of the house before he is spotted. This occurs as she is in the middle of going hot and heavy with Jimmy.

On the other hand, Jimmy, who is horny, would rather have some clandestine fun and continue banging his big natural beauty behind the backs of his siblings, and Ashlyn just can’t resist his massive cock! When all is said and done, it is her day, and she ought to get what she truly desires!

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